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  • Ruling Question | Main Action & Side Action 4

    Hi all,

    A very basic question here as I'm about to introduce this game to my friends this week.

    In the rulebook, it says players MUST make 1 Main Action and MAY make 1 Side Action. In a 2 player game that I played with myself to get a hang of the rules, I find that the flow is very slow here, not to mention I did not make full use of my resources too.

    So my question is, do we just make 1 Main Action and an optional 1 Side Action per player and we move on to next round? Or we do this 1 Main and 1 Side Action back and forth until both player passes?

    I'm inclined to think of the latter should be the correct one, otherwise the game felt weird.

  • Question about shield mage 5

    If i have two exhausted shield mage and one hammer knight, my hammer knight life value increase to 4 or 5?

  • Some timing questions about Nightsong Cricket 4

    Can i play Cognitive Dissonance if i just got the card through the death of a Nightsong Cricket ?

    Is my just played Cognitive Dissonance already in the discard pile when i'm allowed to remove cards from each players discard pile ?

  • Focus Summon Card 2

    Players can focus summon cards even if the effect doesn't specify any focus bonus? For example, 2x Summon Emperor Lion takes one space in spellboard.

  • Q exhauted die pool 3

    If i play hiden power and i only have 1 die in my exhauted pool, the die cost in the card is payed before resolving the card effect?
    If it is this way could i get back both my exhauted die and my illussion die?

  • Magic Play Cost 1


    Does anyone have a conclusive interpretation on whether the "magic play cost" represents the number of die symbols or the number of dice?

    First, I'm aware that the preview article ( explains the term saying "how many dice a card costs to play," which is pretty clear-cut. Why, then, is the wording on the reference card itself so ambiguous? What has me concerned is that, if they really meant for it to be the "number of dice," why wouldn't they just write that on the reference card? It casts doubt for me.

    I know I've seen chatter on the Slack about it, but nothing seemed overly conclusive.

    Lastly, leave it to PlaidHat to use an AMBIGUOUS card for their illustrative example. Le sigh.

  • Shared Sorrow and magic play cost 1

    Two questions in one, here, for which I haven't found an answer in any official document:

    Said in different words, what do I have to consider as the magic play cost for cards which have alternative costs or X in their cost?

  • Law of Domination Vs Holy Knight 4

    I would think either one of two things would happen.
    A) The Holy Knight is not a valid target, even if the player you targeted wants to select it
    or B) the creature can be targeted, but it the spell would basically fizzle, because even if you're the one targeting it, it still cannot be AFFECTED by opponents spells and that spell is still an opponents spell.

    I'm more leaning towards the first though. It would not be a valid target, even if the player controlling it wanted to.

  • elephant rider vs high damage spells 3

    how does this interaction work out? the wording on elephant rider is that "it cannot be affected by spells, abilities or dice powers that would ...destroy it...". but spells like out of the mist, Rin's fury and shadow counter are deal enough damage to kill an elephant as opposed to shatter pulse which is "destroy a target unit." I understand that shatter pulse won't work, but would the others still kill an elephant rider?

  • Law of Domination 6

    I'm a little confused how to read Law of Domination.
    It says 'Chose an opponent to chose a Unit they control'. You could read this in two ways.

    • Chose an opponent, if you do they chose a Unit they control.
    • Chose an opponent, if you do you chose one of their units.

    Usually the phrase 'Do x to do y' means 'If you want to do y, you have to first do x'. But the preview talks about it as if the opponent gets to chose. Which one is the intended use ?