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  • What's new with the site: posts! 0

    Hola, Ashes players! As part of my continued push to implement better social features on, I am very happy to announce the latest and greatest: posts! This is basically's very own "forum-lite", and offers a way to communicate with other users outside of deck and card comments (but with inline card previews and similar niceties).

    There are currently three sections where you can submit new posts:

    As of this post, all of them are empty, so get cracking! [[charm:class]]

    Lastly, if you have a news announcement, event info, or similar that you would like pinned to the top of the homepage for better exposure, please contact me with the link and I'll give it a gander.

  • Calling all Ashes 500 decks 0

    Ever wished that you could use those cards in your box that aren't Elephant Rider or Holy Knight? Or that you could shake up your local meta without needing to wait on Plaid Hat releasing new cards?

    Well now you can, with Ashes 500! When building an Ashes 500 deck, all Ashes cards are assigned point values and the total value of your deck must be 500 or less (while following all normal deck construction rules).

    Ashes 500 has been around for a while now (it was originally conceived by Elliot Kramer, and recently was resurrected by the community), but you had to build your deck using a custom spreadsheet. UNTIL NOW!

    Ashes 500 is now supported here on!

    Please note that I have also rewritten how the deckbuilder and card browser load and filter card listings. This is experimental, and I would love to hear if the card browser is behaving better or worse for you (theoretically, it should perform about the same on normal browsers, and much better on mobile or other lower-spec devices).