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  • Noone likes Sembali 10

    I found out, that Xander Heartsblood is in 58 decks ( by 41 users ) and Sembali Grimtongue only in 31 decks (by 26 users). That`s almost two times less than Xander. I wonder why she is so unpopular ( there are only 2 decks beside basic published for her ). When i saw her conjuration banishing it seemed very poworful to me so this situation feels really strange

  • How good is Law of Repentance 1

    I looked at the recent AIL Decks and was not surprised to find that most of them had dice recursion.

    However no one seems to have packed Law of Repentance.Is it not worth the spellboard or Card slot / dice pool restriction etc. even if you know that everyone uses dice recursion ?
    I thought that the meta mostly contained matches where you ended the game on average on Round 2 or 3. So by that i would assume that the 2 life gain from the card are relevant.
    I can also imagine that law of repentance is quite unreliable, as your opponent might not have dice recursion in the round that you happen to draw it in.
    But then again Law of Repentance is often better than Heal and that card sees play in some decks.

  • Who goes first in AIL 3

    I just looked at "" and wondered if you are allowed to chose who goes first after you rolled more [[basic]]s instead of forcing you to be the Starting player ?

    Seems harmless to most people but in Legend of the Five Rings you normally do a coin toss to determine the starting player, but they made an exception for tournament play to allow for the winner of the coin toss to decide who goes first.
    Took them over a year to realize it actually influences deck building and that the effects on the meta game increased as time passed.
    So they did change the Rules to force a random starting player.
    Of course that is an entirely different game but it is also a very good example of how this kind of thing is not minor.

    The Reason this has an effect on deck building is that players are more likely to be in their desired starting position. That sounds like a good thing but it also means you are less incentivised to prepare for the bad outcome.
    Legend of the Five Rings everyone wanted to be second player and they knew that if someone wanted to be first, they would get that.
    So they build decks under the assumption to go second.
    But that made it harder for players that did want to go first because they went against decks that were optimized for this scenario.
    Of course they could have chosen to go second but for that to matter in terms of the meta game a majority of players would have to behave that way and that did not happen. (If most players behaved that way it would also be the wrong choice again - random decision is really the optimum here)

    How is it handled in the AIL ?

  • Statistics over card types and die types 1

    With the wonderful cardbrowser on this site it's easy to create a table on which dice types has how many cards of a type. Now, for all six existing die types the same number of decks have been published, so a comparison should now be quite meaningful.

    I will exclude Phoenixborn unique cards, because they are not generally available. Please note that the line Summon does not count to a die type's total, because the cards have been counted for their card types already. Nevertheless, I found this information useful in the comparison, because the number of Summon spells is a measure of how many units the die type has available. Cards with paralel costs are counted for both die types.

    Let's look at how many cards of a kind can be played with only the respective die type:

    • Allies: [[basic]] 8, [[ceremonial]] 5, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 7, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 3, [[sympathy]] 10
    • Action: [[basic]] 4, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 4, [[illusion]] 5, [[nature]] 3, [[sympathy]] 4
    • Reaction: [[basic]] 1, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 5, [[divine]] 0, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 1, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Alteration: [[basic]] 0, [[ceremonial]] 3, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 3, [[illusion]] 3, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 1
    • Ready: [[basic]] 5, [[ceremonial]] 9, [[charm]] 11, [[divine]] 14, [[illusion]] 10, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 14
    • Total: [[basic]] 18, [[ceremonial]] 25, [[charm]] 26, [[divine]] 28, [[illusion]] 26, [[nature]] 21, [[sympathy]] 31
    • Summon: [[basic]] 2, [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 4, [[illusion]] 6, [[nature]] 5, [[sympathy]] 4

    There are definitely strongholds and weak points in most die types. It's interesting to note that there has been quite some shift in card type spread since the status of the "four die type game". Ceremonial's number of allies is now only mediocre. Instead, the two newer die types seem to have gotten an advantage over the old types in terms of number of cards.

    Now, lets look at the total number of cards to have certain die type on it:

    • Allies: [[ceremonial]] 12, [[charm]] 4, [[divine]] 12, [[illusion]] 6, [[nature]] 6, [[sympathy]] 15
    • Action: [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 9, [[divine]] 7, [[illusion]] 8, [[nature]] 7, [[sympathy]] 5
    • Reaction: [[ceremonial]] 4, [[charm]] 6, [[divine]] 1, [[illusion]] 4, [[nature]] 2, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Alteration: [[ceremonial]] 3, [[charm]] 2, [[divine]] 3, [[illusion]] 3, [[nature]] 8, [[sympathy]] 2
    • Ready: [[ceremonial]] 14, [[charm]] 15, [[divine]] 17, [[illusion]] 12, [[nature]] 12, [[sympathy]] 19
    • Total: [[ceremonial]] 35, [[charm]] 36, [[divine]] 40, [[illusion]] 33, [[nature]] 35, [[sympathy]] 43
    • Summon: [[ceremonial]] 5, [[charm]] 8, [[divine]] 8, [[illusion]] 7, [[nature]] 10, [[sympathy]] 8

    Still, it looks like there is some sympathy for Sympathy among the designers.

    Under the Allies, there seems to be the highest proportion of cards with multiple colour cost, while among Alterations it's the lowest.

  • More premade decks 3

    So i dug around plaidhats website because i wanted to read preview texts of old cards that no one uses as they usually describe the intention of the cards.

    First of all : Noahs deck has a jump scare in every preview and it was very irritating >.>
    Second of all : There are preconstructed decks for dimona Odinstar,Orrick and Lulu, which could be uploaded with the others by Issacbot.
    Here are the lists :
    Dimona Odinstart
    Lulu Firestorm
    Orrick Gilstream

    And if you want a trip in the time machine and see what the hell they thought when Freezing Blast was printed :
    Here you go
    The comments there are wiser than me. Apparently Freezing Blast would be quite good if Strange Copy was played.

    For other underused cards just type "Ashes 'Cardname' preview" into Google and look at what we thought the future might look like.

  • How to use Hunt Master better? 9

    As title. This ally isn't in low price. Her panther join only after declaring attack, and also fleet away later. There is a raptor boy coming.

    Is it any suggestion to use this card effectively?

  • Competitive Play-Unsanctioned Events? 3

    Hello all! My name is Adam, I am new to the site and the game since receiving it as a Christmas present last year (2018). I love the game and have since Christmas, tracked down each expansion along with Lulu, Dimona and Orrick.

    I am sure that I am just the latest in a long line of 'lack of competitive play' posts, but instead of just complaining, I have a question and wanted to see what other people have tried to generate more of a consistent competitive play atmosphere. My goal is to approach a local game store or two that I know have been selling a lot of Ashes and set something up on a more monthly or bi-weekly basis.

    So here is my thought: Game store hosts an unsanctioned event, $5 entry per person, money goes to 1st and 2nd in the form of a gift card/store credit.

    I think this would help pull more people into the game if they see it being played more frequently. I feel that it would scratch the itch for those of us that are old MTG players who want the thrill of a competition but don't want to get back into a CCG, and the store still moves merchandise.

    What do you guys think? Has anyone tried this? Any tips to talking with Game Store Owners? What are the bad sides? Any other ideas to get competitive play moving that have been successful?

  • What to buy? 10

    New player here. So I bought the base set and I'm loving it, but want more! Which expansion decks would y'all recommend? So far I prefer to play with Coal Roarkwin or Saria Guideman. I would really like to buy all the expansions, but that is not financially feasible right now. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • What are your top unused Cards ? 10

    With most if not all Cards of Ashes released i wonder, what are your top 3 unused Cards ?
    I'm speaking about Cards that you never put into your decks and also never have seen anyone use outside of the preconstructed deck.

    My questionable winners are :
    Bring Forth
    just why is card so expansive and restrictive. Even with the respark - just why. the stats are not even good. A 2/1 Unit for 2[[ceremonial:class]] would be terrible, what is going on here.
    To Shadows
    the dream scenario is to kill big units with small ones but it never works. Would be bad if it had a [[basic]] as placement costs instead of the activation cost. No Focus. Great Synergy with Bring Forth.
    Freezing Blast
    3 damage or [[natural:class]][[basic]] i could understand but this ... Who would need to remove 2 statustokens from a Unit if you could ... kill it.
    I think there was a version of this where it dealt 2 damage and attached Deep Freeze somewhere in the development process and i want that version.

  • Printing Enchanted Violinist Errata 2

    So i'm going to print the EV Errata as i do not have a realistic way of getting it from an event.

    This kind of stuff is new to me and while i was able to figure out how big the cards need to be i do not know what thickness i want.
    The printer i choose has 4 options (which i translated from german):

    I play with transparent sleeves so the card should look as similar as possible to the existing cards. Which one should i chose ? any ideas how to find out ?