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  • Is Harold Westraven overpowered? 6

    Last week I received my Demons of Darmas preconstructed deck and decided to test it against a gauntlet of suggested decks.

    After several plays, I went to the conclusion that as long as Harold's adversary deck too much relies on allies, it is almost an auto win for Harold's player.

    Hunter's Mark combined to Harvest Soul will tear opponent's allies to pieces, with no hope for him/her to get them back, thus nullifying any allies-based strategy. Throw in a Fire Archer/Stormwind Sniper or a Flash Archer with Secret Door (for Harvest Soul recursion) for good measure and Harold's opponent will be only left with its eyes to weep.

    Since there is no way to react to Hunter's Mark during Harold's player turn, the only remaining option lays in cancelling Harvest Soul upon it being played; and I am not sure such a card exists.

    So, I am wondering if I am right when asking if Harold Westraven is overpowered or if I missed something in my analysis. Otherwise, what would you suggest as a countermeasure then?

  • Dealing with an Aradel full battlefield 5

    I've played recently against an aradel and her battlefield at full capacity gave me a lot of problems, i was playing victoria and my creatures were exhauted at the moment they came in play due to the blue jaguar then with the creature superiority aradel just attacked me causing some serious damage.
    What strategy could i use to deal with blue jaguar and the creature superiority?
    Im new here by the way hope you can help me.

  • Actually, why is maeonis Card Summon Silversnake and not Hypnotize ? 2

    A friend of mine brought this up :
    Why does maeoni have summon silver snakes as her exclusive card ? It is obvious that she has an inherent battlefield disadvantage and that hypnotize is made to counter that.

    Also Hypnotize is one of those cards that 'limit design space'.
    Plaidhat somewhat ignored that with Holy Knight and Elephant Rider but it would be less of a problem if it was an exclusive card.

    Silversnakes would thematically fit into statustoken decks - they are easy build around cards and one of the few options for permanent card removal.
    I don't know if they would be overpowered but it does not feel like it to me. They are literally in the most expansive cost class they could be in for 2 dice.
    2 different power symbols.

    Do you agree with the design decision ?

  • First round 2-focused Rhino 9

    With the upcoming Resonance and the help of Open Memories, it is now possible to get a first round 2-focused Summon Iron Rhino ready spell in play.

    Having Orrick Gilstream as a Phoenixborn and Magic Purity in FF allows then to put two Iron Rhino in play during the first round (and some other fatties in the next ones)

    Has anyone already built a deck based on this system, with [[Sympathy:power]] - [[Charm:power]] - [[Natural:power]] and any fourth magic, adding Lucky Rabbit and Changing Winds to stabilize active dice pool? Is it worth investigating?

  • About units with magic protection 2

    I have some doubts about magic protection,

    As far as I know there are 2 types of units with magic protection:

    Seaside Raven
    (not exhaustable)

    Magic Guard: This unit cannot be affected by an opponent's spell.

    Holy Knight

    Impenetrable: This unit cannot be affected by spells, abilities, or dice powers used by an opponent.

    # 1

    What does "spells" mean?
    I get that it refers to Alteration Spells + Action Spells that affects a target unit (for example direct damage).... but... what about, for instance, the following:

    Small Sacrifice

    Deal 1 damage to a target unit on your battlefield. If you do, you may deal 1 damage to a target unit on an opponent's battlefield. If both targeted units are unexhausted, you may place 1 exhaustion token on both units instead of damage.

    Are those units protected (imagine that the knight isn't exhausted) against the effects of Small Sacrifice?

    # 2
    Abilities.... is it refering to the phoenix born's skill... or something else is considered ability?

    Now, fun fact: in my version of the game (translated to spanish) the text of the Raven is exactly the same text of the Knight (the only difference is the background colour of the box) so the spanish version of the Raven is stronger xD xD xD

  • Transmute magic 3

    When using transmute magic do the dice you spend to go to your exhausted immediately allowing you to bring them all back on their power side

  • The 7th and last Dice type 6

    Quick question: what do you guys thing about the possiblity of having the 7th (and last) magic type for this game The Turtle!

    I've been thinking that 7 magic types turns into 49 pre-constructed decks for Ashes: (considering combinations of 1 or 2 items between 7 possibilities)... +1 for Jericho Kill's basic [[basic]] deck... so 50 pre-constructed decks sounds reasonable for me.

    Check this image:

    What do you think? :)

  • Ursus Epinephrine 7

    Has anyone played with Adrenaline Rush and Sleeping Bear in a deck?

    Basic goal is to use Adrenaline Rush and Lick Wounds (if Koji) to get multiple uses out of the high attack, but relatively low cost of the Sleeping Bear.

  • Event: Seattle tournament June 7, 2018 with new OP kit 4

    Bit of short notice, but Gameporium in West Seattle is holding an Ashes tournament on Thursday June 7, 2018 at 6pm with prizes from the new OP kits (including alt art cards, errata-ed Enchanted Violinist, and translucent dice!):

    If you're in the neighborhood, come on down! And even if you can't make it, it looks like they will be holding weekly LCG events at this time (and the new OP kits support something like 4 tournaments per kit, so I suspect they'll be doing more events in future weeks).

  • Countering Chained Creations 3

    If i activate a Copy of chained Creations that gets countered by the opponent, do i still have to discard it ?

    The Thing here is that Costs has to be from the 5 types in the Rulebook which only lists discarding in the sense of discarding from your hand.
    But the Card is in play meaning it is not discarded in the sense of a cost.
    This would imply the discarding is part of the effect and would not happen as the effect gets countered.

    But it also precedes the phrase 'if you do' which indicates that the discarding is a cost, which i would still have to pay even if the effect is countered.

    Which one is it ?