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Anyone there?

Hi and greetings to fellow players out there :)

I'm a new player based on South East Asia region, and I'm wondering is there any official ashes group beside this forum?

Just amde a complete set purchase from PHS and not regretting every cent of it ☺


  • I can't speak to groups in southeast Asia, but these are the places Ashes players tend to congregate online in addition to this site:

    • Facebook (I don't personally use Facebook, so I can't direct you more accurately)
    • Slack (a fair amount of Ashes talk goes on here, but it's not archived or searchable)
    • Reddit
    • BoardGameGeek

    The last two are not as active as the first two.

    Welcome to the game!

  • i think you posted the Reddit link wrong, it takes me to the slack page on

  • i think you posted the Reddit link wrong