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Chants and Summons

Two questions I encountered:
If I have the Summon Dread Wraith ready spell Focused 2 and all the spells are exhausted, can I still use that focused ability to remove an exhaustion token from a dread wraith?
I think I know the answer to this, but if I have a Chant of Protection with tokens on it on my spell board can does it take hits for my Pheonixborn when I use the ceremonial power dice ability to retrieve an ally from my discard pile?


  • 1) If all copies of Summon Dread Wraith are exhausted you cannot use focus ability. So how can you use it? Assume you have double focused Summon Dread Wraith with 2 [[exhaust]] and 2 Dread Wraith (both exhausted). you can now spend 3[[ceremonial:class]] to remove 1 [[exhaust]] from one of your Dread Wraith ( of course you must put third [[exhaust]] on Summon Dread Wraith)
    2) Ceremonial dice power deals damage to you, and you can use Chant Of Protection to prevent damage so the answer is: YES!

  • So in playing with Brennen Blackwood can you just attempt to run a continuous loop of damage to an opponent's Pheonixborn by deploying Fire Archers , destroying them with my Phoenix ability and then retrieving them with ceremonial dice power to deploy them again, all the while shrugging off the damage to yourself with Chant of Protection?

  • Not exactly, beacouse when you use Brennen Blackloud`s ability you must exhaust him. And if card is exhausted it is treated as it didn`t have any text on itself. That means when you use Brennen Blackloud ability you will be able to do it again only on next round.

  • Of course, but at least once per round you can deal 3 damage to your opponent's Pheonixborn.

  • that's actually the basis of a an entire style of deck, collectively called 'Brennan burn' (BB). other common cards in BB are chant of revenge, final cry and in my own BB's, turtle guard. basic idea is bring out a fire archer (FA), spirit burn it, trigger chants and final cry for anywhere between 6-8 direct damage to an opposing phoenix born or units. just be wary of choke, it really slows you down.