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Dimona and her Elephants

Is this the deck to beat?

What other decks are up there?


  • What deck are you referring to?

  • I find a deck centering about Elephants and Dimona really strong.

    New PB got tools against this, but still, what Decks are able to compete.

  • Most of the top tier decks at the moment feature around Harold westraven. The thing to remember about elephant riders is that they are very expensive. They are worth what you pay for, but you are still paying a lot.

    In my local meta (which is only 3-4 people so not necessarily the best overview), elephant riders aren't the best win condition. Other strong decks include Brennan burn, a BDR variant and a fear the bear variant.

    In a more general sense, common win cons are frostback bears, hammer knights, holy knights and, slightly more off meta, mill, and control (like Saria guideman and echo greystorm)

    As always, take my advice with a grain of salt. There are many better players out there (I've only been around for about a year) and their advice is definitely better

  • Please post some kind of decklist or it is very hard to give a more detailed answer.

    I don't think Diamona + Elephant Rider is that crazy because you can use Regress and Choke. So if you run Dispel and try to use the Phoenixborn ability you would just run out of Dice.
    If you dont run dispel you just lose to Astrea and Mark of the Goddess.
    If you don't use the PB ability you should probably not chose Dimona.

    Other strong decks include Brennan burn, a BDR variant and a fear the bear variant.

    -5 Karma for using an abbreviation without spelling it out once. What is BDR ?

  • Dimona Elephant decks were popular in my local meta for a while (which like the poster above is only a few people, so take that with a grain of salt), but after a couple weeks they disappeared because they're pretty easy to counter. If you're planning to play both the Elephant and use Dimona's ability on turn 1, that's 9 dice which leaves you wide open to whatever your opponent wants to do in return (and most counters cost 1-2 dice for a turn's reprieve).

    In addition to the things listed above, Butterfly Monk and Shadow Spirit both shut down Elephants pretty hard, cost 1 die each, and are generically useful against most other decks.

    Elephant Rider is a lot more scary with Phoenixborn who can accelerate their dice sufficiently (Orrick Gilstream is a solid choice, Victoria Glassfire, and Rin Northfell all come to mind).

    Dimona is scarier when she has diverse 3-4 cost threats, or is running Winged Lioness with Power Through or similar. Holy Knight can be an absolute nightmare to deal with in Dimona (though sadly mainly functions as a deterrent rather than a threat, and eats up more dice than it's probably worth). Even then, though, she's not a top-tier Phoenixborn because her ability is so expensive ([[side]] + 2 [[basic]] is at the high end of costs when it comes to removing an exhaustion), and her unique unit is not very useful outside of Echo match-ups.