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Ruling Question | Main Action & Side Action

Hi all,

A very basic question here as I'm about to introduce this game to my friends this week.

In the rulebook, it says players MUST make 1 Main Action and MAY make 1 Side Action. In a 2 player game that I played with myself to get a hang of the rules, I find that the flow is very slow here, not to mention I did not make full use of my resources too.

So my question is, do we just make 1 Main Action and an optional 1 Side Action per player and we move on to next round? Or we do this 1 Main and 1 Side Action back and forth until both player passes?

I'm inclined to think of the latter should be the correct one, otherwise the game felt weird.


  • The latter is correct. A round has no set number of turns, it just continues until both players choose to pass their main actions, at which point you move on to the next round.

  • or until someone wins, if thats worth a mention

  • Thanks all!
    That really makes sense now and I'm getting the hang of it already.

    The game is very addictive too now that I'd figured out the flow.

  • One rule that new players sometimes forget is that pass is a main action. If I use a side action (to play a card or dice power or ability) and pass main, and the next player does a side and passes main, the round ends even though both players “did something” on their turns.