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Question about shield mage

If i have two exhausted shield mage and one hammer knight, my hammer knight life value increase to 4 or 5?


  • my understanding is five because it is 2 boosts from 2 shield mages, sort of like two ice buffs

  • Your Hammer Knight will be at 5 health :)

  • If the ability has a number in the name then the corresponding number in the text adds up if you have multiple sources.
    For Example : 4xShining Hydra Head give "Terrifying 4 : This Unit cannot be blocked or guarded against by units with an attack value of 4 or less."

    But Mark of the Red Flowers Flame Mastery always deals 3 damage no matter how many times you have the ability Fire Mastery.

  • In this instance, the numbered ability name actually doesn't matter because the ability is directly affecting life values rather than adding an ability to a card. Basically, if you have multiple cards with the same ability, it can affect the same unit more than once (so multiple copies of Shield Mage means 1 extra life per Shield Mage). However, if the cards are adding abilities to other cards, then they only stack if there's a number in the name (so multiple copies of Dark Presence only results in 1 Fog of War ability on each unit).

  • I mean you reasoning is more on point but the conclusion is the same.
    With maybe only 3 cards to ever come out we might as well say it does not matter which one it is :)