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Competitive Play-Unsanctioned Events?

Hello all! My name is Adam, I am new to the site and the game since receiving it as a Christmas present last year (2018). I love the game and have since Christmas, tracked down each expansion along with Lulu, Dimona and Orrick.

I am sure that I am just the latest in a long line of 'lack of competitive play' posts, but instead of just complaining, I have a question and wanted to see what other people have tried to generate more of a consistent competitive play atmosphere. My goal is to approach a local game store or two that I know have been selling a lot of Ashes and set something up on a more monthly or bi-weekly basis.

So here is my thought: Game store hosts an unsanctioned event, $5 entry per person, money goes to 1st and 2nd in the form of a gift card/store credit.

I think this would help pull more people into the game if they see it being played more frequently. I feel that it would scratch the itch for those of us that are old MTG players who want the thrill of a competition but don't want to get back into a CCG, and the store still moves merchandise.

What do you guys think? Has anyone tried this? Any tips to talking with Game Store Owners? What are the bad sides? Any other ideas to get competitive play moving that have been successful?


  • I don't think there is much wrong with this idea, but usually Game Store Owners use most of their time slots already. Money as a reward is a problem though.
    First things first :

    To convince them you should approach them as prepared as possible.
    Have a list of people already interested in Paper form, so they can easily see that there would be a minimum amount of interest.
    I think the official draft rules suggest 8 players - so an 8 player list would be good to have. An actually written List with names displays more commitment than just you claiming to know 8 people.

    Second it would be a huge plus for them if you could explain all the details of the tournament mode you want to play. They will probably want to use official rules if possible because then they have a chance of the event being recognized as official after the fact.
    It is good for them to be able to approach plaidhat games along the lines of "yeah we already did an event with the official rules, so maybe you want to send use goodies for the next time ?!".
    So if you approach them with "I already know the official draft rules and can explain them mostly without having to reread every detail" that makes it more easy for them to say yes.
    If interest is high enough after the initial event you win - if not, it stays a one time thing.

    Prices are a huge motivator but participating in an event and giving out money to winners can be a legal problem depending on where you are.
    MtG is often criticized for effectively being gambling, so they make HUGE efforts to prevent anything that could count as gambling.
    They do not give out monetary prizes or credit, other than that coin tosses are not allowed as tie breakers.
    So the standard way to get around this is to award card related products as prizes.
    If you have the money you could sponsor these prizes out of your pocket - that displays some serious commitment. Then all they have to do is say yes to essentially free promotion.

  • Get TTS on steam. We are doing an online league soon.

  • > Get TTS on steam. We are doing an online league soon.

    Could you tell more about it?