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New to the Game and Some Questions

Hey all!
Glad to find a centralized site to source for deck ideas and also to post for topics. I'm new to the game and fairly excited to enjoy it!

I come from a competitive MtG background but had since jumped from one card game to another as I couldn't keep up with MtG anymore and is tired of the competitive gaming.

Ashes attracted me thanks to its artworks and I LOVE dice :)

However, it seems Ashes is not quite the competitive game? That is okay for me, here are few of my doubts and hope to be answered by the community:-

1) What are the content creators / sources of contents of Ashes?
2) What is the expansion release schedule?
3) How frequent is Organized Play and how does the Organized Play scene looks like?
4) The current state of the game? I know new expansions are coming out, but is the game still rolling?


  • 1) Ashes is a smaller game than MtG. There is little to no content for it on youtube.
    There has been the Main Action Podcast up to a certain point, but there was a big gap between releases and most Content Creators decided it was not worth their time anymore.
    2) About 3 Packs of 2 Phoenixborn each year.
    Each Phoenixborn deck consists of a play set(3) of 10 new cards + tokens.
    3) Organized Play happens entirely in the US. There are events at gen con every year but i do not know about smaller official events. We do have some community organized tournaments online in tabletop simulator from time to time.
    Best advice for new players is to get a friend that is also willing to play regularly because there is little else.
    4) We do not know if the next Expansion will be the final one. There is some iconography on the deluxe expansion that strongly suggest that there will be a seventh dice type which would imply more expansions for at least 2 years but there is nothing official yet.
    If no new dice type were to be announced chances are the expansion that is about to be released is the last one because there would not be any more 2-dice-type combinations which was the structure of new decks up till now.

  • In addition to the points Cronos Genesis#9i6t made:

    • Most of the discussion for Ashes occurs in the Slack channel, here on, or in the Ashes Facebook group (or so I hear; haven't had a Facebook account in years). There aren't really any content creators, per se, because there's no Organized Play scene to speak of (aside from scattered local scenes and occasional online tournaments; the most recent OP kit was produced in very small quantities, so despite a bunch of interest lots of local metas missed out which didn't do them any favors)
    • We've had very consistent expansion support recently, but as mentioned there's some doubt floating around about the future of the game due to the way Plaid Hat has failed to deliver on other fronts (promised additional FAQ updates prior to GenCon which still haven't materialized; have basically allowed Organized Play to die on the vine despite interest from die-hard fans; announced a new artist partnership which lasted a single expansion cycle). There has additionally been a bit of a talent drain on the game in the last couple months thanks largely to KeyForge, which is likely contributing to some player's feelings of pessimism. Personally, I am cautiously optimistic that we will see Time dice, but am very pessimistic about Plaid Hat doing much to support the game beyond releasing Time-dice-themed expansions.
  • Oh my...
    The tone sounds pessimistic and it felt like another great game is walking its way to grave :(

    I hope the draft format could keep the game fresh at least.
    How's the experience of draft?

  • Its really not that bad. This is not unnormal for smaller games.
    Your post implied you wanted organized play and there is not much of it.