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Some timing questions about Nightsong Cricket

Can i play Cognitive Dissonance if i just got the card through the death of a Nightsong Cricket ?

Is my just played Cognitive Dissonance already in the discard pile when i'm allowed to remove cards from each players discard pile ?


  • By my read, this depends on who is the First Player. Each effect from Nightsong Cricket's Renewed Harmony ability are simultaneous, so that means the First Player specifies the order of who places cards in their hands first (in this instance, you would want to place Cognitive Dissonance in your hand first).

    On the other hand, you can't play/resolve Cognitive Dissonance until the Nightsong Cricket's Renewed Harmony has completely resolved anyway (and there are no specified rules for how to actually play a spell that require you to have the spell in your hand when you declare you want to respond to a trigger), so I could see an argument for allowing you to play it even if you don't get to choose the order.

  • That would make sense.
    Any ideas about the second part ? When does it go to the discard.

  • Per the core rules, an Action or Reaction card is placed in the discard pile prior to resolving its effects (which makes literally no sense according to the later rulings in the FAQ that require cards to be in play in order to resolve their abilities, but...¯\_(ツ)_/¯). This is on p. 10 of the rules.

    So I'd say that unless they rule otherwise, Cognitive Dissonance is a valid target to remove from the game when resolving its own ability. I have no idea how that would interact with resolving it, though (like, if it removes itself from the game prior to removing any other cards from the game, do I have to stop removing cards?).

  • The card has already earned its name.