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Magic Play Cost


Does anyone have a conclusive interpretation on whether the "magic play cost" represents the number of die symbols or the number of dice?

First, I'm aware that the preview article ( explains the term saying "how many dice a card costs to play," which is pretty clear-cut. Why, then, is the wording on the reference card itself so ambiguous? What has me concerned is that, if they really meant for it to be the "number of dice," why wouldn't they just write that on the reference card? It casts doubt for me.

I know I've seen chatter on the Slack about it, but nothing seemed overly conclusive.

Lastly, leave it to PlaidHat to use an AMBIGUOUS card for their illustrative example. Le sigh.


  • Right there with you with the annoyance at the reference card's pointlessly ambiguous wording!

    The playtesters and so forth have verified that it's is the number of dice (supported by the official preview article's explanation), which is as good as we're likely to get, barring another FAQ update. I've got an update to the Ashes Rules Reference in the works, and here's the exact wording I've elected to use there based on this ruling (open to feedback if anyone finds it or the examples unclear!):

    Some card effects reference magic play costs. The magic play cost of a card is the sum of the magic costs that must be spent to play the card from your hand. Action, exhaust, and discard costs are not included in magic play costs. "X" equals "0" for the purpose of calculating magic play costs.

    For example: Hammer Knight costs 1 [[ceremonial:power]] - 1 [[natural:class]] - 1 [[basic]] and has a magic play cost of 3. Spear Master costs 3 [[basic]] - 1 [[discard]] and has a magic play cost of 3. Transmute Magic costs 1 [[sympathy:class]] - X [[basic]] and has a magic play cost of 1. Small Sacrifice costs [[main]] and has a magic play cost of 0.