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New in the Game

Good good I am new to the game and although I have all the Ashes material I have not been able to play much. I would like to know where I can see the last tournaments and if there is a list of Top Tier Decks to see how is the issue of construction and handling of Decks to get an idea of ​​how everything is going to be the truth the Decks Construction is never my strength that's why I usually see other Decks to be able to guide me and make my own Tecs based on the Decks that are most used.

Thanks for everything.


  • Ashes doesn't really have an overall meta, because tournaments are pretty thin on the ground (with the possible exception of the folks who play regularly online via Tabletop Simulator). As a result, local Ashes metas can be pretty diverse. For instance, here in Seattle we have a player who almost always plays mill decks, which means our meta looks a lot different than most places (mill is not very competitive, but it does force other decks to be designed to combat it or be completely shut down).

    That said, the decks that made it to the finals for the online Ashes International League are posted here. Note that the last AIL occurred one or two expansion release cycles ago, so the meta those decks are operating in isn't quite the same as the current one.

    Here's the deck that won GenCon 2018, and there are lists for other GenCon decks here on the site, as well.

    Otherwise, you can look through the most recent decks posted here for an idea what people are playing, though it can be hit and miss whether the deck descriptions describe how well the deck is actually performing.

    Probably your best bet is just to find a Phoenixborn you like, grab a decklist that appeals to you, and start experimenting. A lot of your success at Ashes depends on knowing how to play your particular deck/style (I could take the Widowmaker GenCon winner linked above and probably lose every game I played with it; on the other hand, I have a pretty good win rate with Maeoni Viper decks simply because I like and play her a lot, despite her being a comparatively bad Phoenixborn).

    Welcome to the game!

  • Hello there!
    I'm also fairly new to the game.

    Would glad to know if there's any platform other than Tabletop Simulator that can get us together to play :)

    I'm from Malaysia (Southeast Asia) and unfortunately there's only that few game people that I can find and play.