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elephant rider vs high damage spells

how does this interaction work out? the wording on elephant rider is that "it cannot be affected by spells, abilities or dice powers that would ...destroy it...". but spells like out of the mist, Rin's fury and shadow counter are deal enough damage to kill an elephant as opposed to shatter pulse which is "destroy a target unit." I understand that shatter pulse won't work, but would the others still kill an elephant rider?


  • Yes, the elephant does not die because of the spells effect.
    It dies because it has too many damage tokens on it, which it is not immune to.

    As you said it is only immune to effects that explicitly destroy it/return it to hand.
    The spell causes the damage and the damage causes the destruction but that does not mean the spell causes the Destruction (at least in Ashes it does not).
    A similar behavior can be found with Interaction of the Overkill ability and the Illusion ability :
    If you kill an illusion with the elephant rider the Unit, before dieing from the attack, dies from being an illusion. This prevents Overkill from going of.
    Again one could think that you trigger illusion and therefore the destruction is also triggered by you, but it is not. For the same reason Silver Snakes do not get counters from illusions.

    Most edge cases for Elephant Rider are discussed in the comments under the cards page. Most ways of dealing with it (beside Mark of the Goddess) involve 2 card combos.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t covered it, but the important general truism to keep in mind is that cards in Ashes do not track cause and effect backwards beyond one step (at least not in any rulings so far). This is why the Illusion ability thwarts Overkill; effect text only cares about immediate causes.

  • ok, thanks