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New In Game

Hi guys, I'm a spanish player who is starting in the game.
First, I'm getting all the cards that are printed (I only need 6 decks: James Endersight, Fiona Mercywind, Xander Heartsblood, Echo Greystorm,Jericho Kill and Koji Wolfcub) if someone want to sell them just let me know ... ;)
I have played Magic TCG, L5R, VS System and many other games but I found this game fresh and something diferent (I love it).
Now, I´m playing with my gf because here (in Spain) there is not organiced game and I trying to guide my friends to the game.
I've seen the fan expansions and they look great, well done and very balanced.
I hope read you here


  • welcome to ashes!

    as a new player, i would highly recommend you check out the slack channel. there arent many local metas since the game was discontinued, but slack is still the best place (outside of friends/gf) to get a game in.

  • sure, agreed with Angus, Welcome to the our family