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Recurring widows

Did anyone consider building a deck with Summon Sleeping Widows and Secret Door, adding Essence Druid for recursion?

If yes, would you have any advise? Or shall I let this idea aside as fast as it came to my mind?


  • I've never tried a build like that, but it seems very expensive. the basic combo is 4 dice + whatever you pay for the original unit, probably also + a method of destroying your unit (spell or ability).

    also, there is a bit of anti destruction tech going round (notably cheat death), which makes this style of play a bit harder.

    for this type o deck to work you should be leaning heavily into [[ceremonial]] and [[illusion]], with a focus on cheap units and dice recursion. i would either recommend brennen blackcloud for the consistent self destruct or victoria glassfire for the lots of dice.

    alternatively, if this a build style that interest you, you can try something like widowmaker

  • I think that the biggest adventage of slepping widows is just threat of having them. This element of surprise may give you big swing if your opponent doesn`t respect the fact that you could have summon slepping widows in your hand. On the other hand careful opponent may play more defensively beacouse he can fear that you would use this card. If opponent is sure that you have this card it looses much of it`s potential I would say