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Making the Project Phoenix Expansions

Hello Friends!

I recently dusted off Ashes after having it sit neglected on my board game shelf and found that this game was A LOT better than I remember it being a few years ago. Naturally finding out that plaidhat is not making anything else for it, I've begun the quest to acquire as much as I can as fast as a I can. This includes the project phoenix expansions. Has anyone actually gone through and used as they suggest on the project phoenix page? I was trying to feel my way through it, but warnings about low res images and putting cards together has me a touch leery. Any tips?


  • We only have files that support the first two expansions (Jill and Tolliver):

    They are full bleed, so if MPC is throwing an error you might have selected the wrong size of card. I used those exact images with these cards and it worked great without any errors thrown.

    However we do not have full bleed copies of the the third and fourth expansions (Devlin and Plutarch). So you can't easily print those with MakePlayingCards just yet. I'd love to create some, because I want to print them myself, but it's an unholy amount of annoyingly painstaking work, so I haven't worked up the gumption yet.

  • /!\ Update: I've been quite wrong and after some discussions with MPC and using their Illustrator template inside Inkscape and setting the correct sizes in inches/mm instead of pixels, the correct setting would be:

    convert Devlin\ Longbow.png -bordercolor white -border 36x28 -resize $((2.75*300)) -units PixelsPerInch -density 300x300 Devlin.png

    The slightly smaller border on top/bottom is to compensate card vertical placement and not lose too much of the card bottom outside the safe zone.

    Original post:
    The low resolution warning is because the images are less than 816px in width.
    You just have to add the bleed part to the image and it will fit perfectly inside the safe zone.

    As per MPC documentation, for 300dpi images bleed zones must be of 36px, so adding a 36px border around the image will make it MPC compatible. A simple imagemagick command like:

    $ convert "Devlin Longbow.png" -bordercolor white -border 36x36 devlin_test.png

    From the MPC preview, image fits perfectly the card border with the right content in the safe zone and no border excess.