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PHG Reacquired by Original Founder


  • On the PHG acquisition

    At first blush, it appears that Colby Dauch had to sacrifice every single profitable game and/or game line in order to pry the rights to the Plaid Hat name back from Asmodee. Particularly in the short term, this is probably terrible news for people who love Mice and Mystics and similar games.

    However, this might actually be good news for Ashes players. While I'm doubtful that they'll resurrect Ashes (particularly with Isaac Vega leaving the company), the games that Plaid Hat retains the rights to include, in part:

    • Ashes
    • Crystal Clans
    • Guardians
    • Summoner Wars

    What's notable about these games? All of them are two player tactical card games that underperformed under Asmodee, and were summarily canceled or ceased further development.

    Additionally, Colby is the original developer of Summoner Wars, and he's back at the wheel. Now, it's entirely possible that they still might flounder around trying to figure out what will stick as their niche (as seemed to be the case under Asmodee), but I'm optimistic that they'll give another go at the two player tactical card game niche that Asmodee didn't want to touch thanks to it being the territory of their golden child Fantasy Flight.

    Here's hoping we get a spiritual successor to Ashes, or if we're really lucky more Ashes itself!

    Full list of games and who will own them


    • Aftermath
    • Battlelands
    • Dead of Winter
    • Mice and Mystics
    • Raxxon
    • Stuffed Fables

    Plaid Hat Games

    • Abomination: Heir of Frankenstein
    • Ashes
    • Bioshock Infinite
    • Comanauts
    • Crossfire
    • Crystal Clans
    • City of Remnants
    • Dungeon Run
    • Forgotten Waters
    • Gen7
    • Guardians
    • Neon Gods
    • Quirky Circuits
    • Seafall
    • Specter Ops
    • Starship Samurai
    • Summoner Wars
    • Super Punch Fighter
    • Video Game High School
  • I think I remember Isaac talking about wanting to do an ashes sequel, is that something that he'd be alright to do seeing as how ashes is still under PHG? Or is it more likely we'll see more xpacs/a sequel coming from PHG without Isaac's input?

  • Well, given that Isaac has left Plaid Hat, and Plaid Hat owns the Ashes IP, I doubt we'll see a direct sequel from him in the near future. He wasn't directly involved with Ashes after about Koji, though, if memory serves, so it's entirely possible that Plaid Hat might want to do a new core set and reboot the game or similar. Or maybe just remix the ruleset into a new IP. Who knows!

  • I'm extremly surprised by this. But Isaas name on twitter even was AshesIsaac or something along those lines so it obvious that he has some emotional involvement with the game.
    I don't believe they will do Ashes II, but legally he should be able to make a game with almost the same rules that happens to use the same card size and has similar components. You cant really copyright game mechanics, only artwork and to an extent the names of specific objects like the Phoenixborn.

    I would be surprised if not a single 2 Person Duel Card game would be produced as a result of this.