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TIME for a tournament.

Greetings Ashes community! I've just received a large shipment of alt arts from an eBay auction and as I don't get the chance to play in person anymore I thought it'd be great to put some of these alt arts up as prizes for an online tournament!

I didn't realise how many cards I'd actually purchased so depending on number of participants I might actually be able to offer a card per game played or similar.
I haven't worked out the details of prizes or tournament structure yet but its great to get a feel for what the interest levels are in one last big online tts bash!

I had thought it'd serve as a great celebration for the final time card releases too! It'd give everyone a chance to see and use the cards in a great competitive setting. Please reply or dm me if you're interested!

5x blue hammerknight
5x green hammerknight
30x enchanted violinist
30x gilder
7x lulu and 21x Phoenixbarrage
7x Dimona and 21x Rayward knights


  • Are the Enchanted Violinist cards the "updated" ones? If so, I'm very interested in one of those!

  • I literally just received my copy of the base game and the first 4 expansions. I would definitely loose big in such a tournament! But, according to the dwarf fortress wiki, loosing is fun right?

    When do we expect such a tournament to start? Next week, next month?

  • I am willing to donate some Time dice to the prize pool, as well.

  • Vogelap, are you referring to the errata? If so then I'm pretty sure they are yes, will double check when I get home but also the other copies of that card I've won previously have been.

    Iasse jump in anyway! We've actually had a host of new comers express interest. I was thinking the best time for it would be after the final time expansion is officially released (I think it starts testing soon). That way we have a whole new colour of magic to play with.
    I'm personally trying to get in around 10 games/week on tts just testing new cards, happy to play a few with you so you've got some under your belt before the tournament.

    Haha Skaak you are simply the best mate! That would be fantastic, doubly so if you'd like to participate too!

  • always keen for a tourney!

  • sounds interesting

  • Sounds interesting and just got even more tempting with the time dice included in the prize.

    On what platform would this tournament take place and when would it be?

  • Yo Kalriva, I don't want to spam the forum. Is there a less "formal" place to exchange times for TTS matches? It looks like there used to be a slack, but the links are dead? Discord?