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Second fan expansions available in deck builder!

Fan-made cards for the second pair of expansions from Project Phoenix are now available in the card browser and deckbuilder!

I have additionally updated the links and info on the Project Phoenix and Turtle dice pages, and Tolliver images and card text are now up-to-date (some discrepancies from an old set of images were hiding in the card data).

Enjoy, and let me know if you run across any typos or other inaccuracies!


  • Thank you so much for your hard work on coming up with an effect for the dice that (unfortunatly) never got to be released and making new phoenixborn with combos that go with it!
    When can we expect the next Phoenixborn? I can't wait to see what comes next.

  • We patched up some things in Devlin's deck. Will be releasing the next two-three relatively soon. In two of the decks there is a couple cards that need to be looked at. The third is going through a redesign.

  • Thank you for that detailed info about the progress. I'll be looking forward to what comes next (fingers crossed one of them is a deck with time and illusion dice).

    And I'll also check the updated Devlin's deck. Were the cards updated in this site's database and the print sheets?

  • They aren't yet. We are working on a time/illusion deck. It has been the toughest one to get right thus far. Balancing cards with the incredibly strong illusion dice power is tough but I think we are onto a path that is interesting.