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Marf of the Goddess and Indiglow Creeper

My opponent is playing Indiglow Creeper (he has, of course, the summon books, the conjurations in his conjuration deck, etc). And I play Mark of the Goddess on his Indiglow Creeper. Now, I don't have the books in my deck, neither have I the Indiglow nor the Luminous Seedling in my conjuration deck. The question is, when the Indiglow under my control dies, do I still get to summon the Seedling under my control (meaning, getting the card borrowed directly from HIS conjuration deck)?


  • Afraid not, it just dies as far as I know. I think there was a similar question regarding fallen and rising horde a little while ago.

  • The flip side of this is that, even if you don't have the dice to pay for it, you can put a Luminous Seedling into play if you have 1x copy of Summon Indiglow Creeper in your deck (because you'll have all of the conjurations in your conjuration pile). There's usually a better use for that card slot, but if your meta has a lot of Indiglow Creepers running around...

  • You do not get a Indiglow Creeper if you do not have the Conjuration in your Conjuration Pile.
    Mark of the GoddessIndiglow Creeper
    It is also important to note that the Creeper does not always die on your side of the Battlefield.
    Fleeting on Mark of the Goddess and Fading on Indiglow Creeper both trigger at the End of the Round.
    The First Player Marker goes to the next player before the End of the Round.
    Then the Player with the First Player Marker decides at the End of the Round which Cards ability gets resolved first.
    If Mark of the Goddess is resolved first, the Creeper will die back on its Owners Battlefield where it will spawn a Seedling.