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Second pair of fan expansions released!

I'm happy to say that the second two Project Phoenix expansions are available for print and play (PnP)!

Devlin Longbow: The Scoundrels of the Sea

(Read part 1 and part 2 of Devlin's card spoilers, too!)

Plutarch Eastgate: The Mad Doctor

(Read part 1 and part 2 of Plutarch's card spoilers, too!)

The ZIP files above provide 300 dpi images, suitable for printing at 63x88mm (the size of the Ashes cards) or 2.5"x3.5" (slightly larger than an Ashes card, but still supported by the images above). The card sheets are provided for easier printing on standard printer paper if you wish to layer the cards above existing cards in opaque sleeves or similar.

I do not have MakePlayingCards-compatible files for these images this time around. I hope to create them (because I really like the MPC printing process), but it's an insane amount of work to create full bleed versions of the cards and I don't have the bandwidth right now, unfortunately.

I hope you enjoy Devlin and Plutarch! Voting for the final three Time expansions will open in the near future, and once those are released we will figure out where Project Phoenix will go from there!


  • Amazing! Thank you for your effort!

  • Amazing work!
    Are you thinking uploading to a Print to Play website?
    I buy some decks in this website

  • The cards contain copyrighted artwork, so we can't really post them for resale. We are working on full bleed versions that you can upload and print yourself on MakePlayingCards, though (a subsidary of PrinterStudio).

  • Skaak can you write me to this email, I want to post the cards on a public print service were every player can buy a deck.

    The idea is not sell the product, is put it under the manufacture cost available for

  • I've removed your email; probably not a good idea to post that on publicly available websites. :-)

    I will send you a message, or you can always get in contact with me using the contact form.

  • Much appreciate the effort, not sure about balance in all regards.

  • The cards contain copyrighted artwork, so we can't really post them for resale.

    Can you provide sources or some raw files without the pictures ? I have trouble printing these in a legal fashion.

  • If you're printing for personal use, there isn't any problem (as far as Plaid Hat is concerned).

  • Isn't most of the art from pictures all over the internet ?
    I'm sure i recognize some mtg images and that would be problematic.

  • as long as we aren't making money off these cards, using MTG art is not problematic, too my knowledge (IANAL, but we've already had extensive conversations about that on the slack channel)