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Do Vampire Bats make To Shadows worth using?

Okay, but for real, Vampire Bat Swarm with To Shadows is actually kinda horrendous.

If you make the opponent's creature an Illusion for a [[side]], than perform an "Attack a Unit" [[main]] targeting the Illusion creature, there's no good outcome.
- Unit takes the hit and is destroyed due to Illusion ability.
- Phoenixborn guards for unit, triggers "Swarm 2", deals 1 damage to unit which is destroyed by Illusion ability (since it's the result of an attack)

I'm currently working on a decklist for this right now that uses Harold Westraven since Harvest Soul becomes super easy to fulfill and Hunter's Mark addresses the Unit Guard issue, but I'm curious to know what other people think of this cool combo.

Comments [p. 3]

  • It is true that the second example suggests that only the last element of a chain matters to determine if something happens "as a result of X".

    So we have to assume the batswarm interaction with illusion is not a thing.

    On the other side it might be the case that we as players have thought a lot more about this than Testers or Designers and that the next official statement will be that the interaction was intended to work and the wording on the card is what is off.

    But you have convinced me at least.

  • I take it that the ruling for shining hydras regenerate heads is much the same? has to be directly from an attack, not from a damage chain.

  • Illusions like Shadow Spirit state that is has to be from an attack but shining hydra says that it has to be from damage dealt - so placing wound tokens does not work as it is often the case but a damage chain would be okay, as long as the last step actually dealt damage.

    You can use a [[natural]] on a Shining Hydra to attach a head.
    You can deal damage with Pain Shaman and it still attaches a head, because he does deal damage and not place wound tokens.
    What does not work is to take damage on your Phoenixborn to trigger Guilt Link and then place a wound token on the Shining Hydra. While the first step would be damage dealt, the last one is placing a wound so Hydra never has damage dealt to it and can therefore not grow an additional head.