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New players.

Hello everyone.
I started to play the last week with some friends.
I have buy the starter set and the other expasions which print in italian and soon I’ll take the remaining in English.
We love this game, it’s very beautiful and balanced.
But the game is ended right?
I mean, cards and dices will no longer be printed?
I’m sad about that because it’s one of that game which you say: wow!
In this way, the tournament part too it’s ended...


  • Unfortunatelly.
    I have started playing game nearly one year ago and fallen in love with it. But i was in simillar situation as your - by the time i got to know the game all the tournamets have gone ( im from Poland - last official tournament here was organized like three years ago ). So I wish you great games with your friends and great amount of creativity with buildng your decks.

  • Well, the game is definitely playable as it is. I'd say it'll be "ended" when people stop playing it. Just because there will be no more expansions doesn't mean that you have to stop playing.

    Btw, I also think that PHG stopped publishing expansions on a very reasonable point from the player perspective. Businesswise it might have been worth to stop earlier, judging the amount of response to the last couple of expansions. I'd also rate it positive for them that they announced the "completeness" of the product quite timid such that war was not a very long time of uncertainty.

  • If you join the Slack chat group other players often try to organise matches and tournaments through a computer program called Tabletop Simulator.

    There are also some fan made expansions being published both on Slack, facebook, and on here.

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