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First two fan expansions released!

I'm very pleased to share that the print and play (PnP) files for the first two Ashes fan expansions are now available for download!

The ZIP files above provide 300 dpi images, suitable for printing at 63x88mm (the size of the Ashes cards) or 2.5"x3.5" (slightly larger than an Ashes card, but still supported by the images above). There are also card sheets if you wish to print things yourself.

I have ordered a set from, and will post updates and pictures once I have the physical cards in hand (probably around the end of September). If you're an adventuresome type, you can do the same (download full-size images explicitly sized for MakePlayingCards' 63x88mm poker cards). If the quality is high, I will post them as a ready-to-order project (although note this will be a little more expensive than doing it yourself, because the lowest markup MPC allows is 10%).

I hope you enjoy Jill and Tolliver, and the next two expansions are already in the works!


  • Great work chaps! Thanks for this. My head is already spinning with the possibilities! <3

  • These are awesome!

  • Awesome work, you have full support from me guys!

  • hey skaak#1st, will you be adding the time dice to the deck building/card browsing features?

  • Yeah, I've been trying to get it online for a while now (been fighting a losing battle for time to work on recently; at this point, I've got the basic stuff all in place and I just need to finish the support for specifying what cards are in your collection. Once that is done, getting the actual cards into the deckbuilder will be trivial).

  • Any pictures of the completed cards from

  • Apologies on the delay; here's a comparison of the new cards printed via MPC vs. the original cards (also apologies for the glare; I don't have a good place to take pictures):

    As you can see, the backs are noticeably different and will require opaque card sleeves, but the front of the cards fits right in.