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Wind the frog

Hello again Ashes fans! It's time for another preview of Tolliver's deck!

Time Stop is a powerful action spell variant of Hypnotize. Like Hypnotize, it grants the Bypass ability, allowing direct hits to the PB with no possible blocker, or an unguardable hit to a key unit. While it is a one-time use as an action spell instead of a ready spell means you get less repeat use, it has several advantages. One is the surprise factor, because your opponent does not know it is in your hand. Another is the lower cost; Time Stop is just a single class die instead of two. However, these advantages come at a great cost. The Reality Fracture ability means that after the turn, the targeted unit will be removed from the game. This makes Time Stop a powerful finishing spell, but playing it on a big unit is a hit to your board presence going forward. Note that Time Stop targets units you own, so Astrea cannot use it on a unit she acquires with Mark of the Goddess.

Summon Clockwork Frog is a powerful new defensive conjuration that gives unique way to control the battlefield. The Armored 1 power makes it difficult to kill a Frog using most forms of direct damage, forcing players to push units into conflict with the Frogs. And while the frogs don’t have the ability to deliver normal counter damage, their Spiked Skin 2 means they deliver a pretty nasty blow. With a low cost of a class die to summon, opponents can expect to see multiple copies of these hardy conjurations come to play each round. When combined with alterations (try Crystal Shield!) they can be particularly tough to deal with.

Tolliver’s deck also delivers a new answer to battlefield clogging, with the Unwavering Loyalty alteration. This alteration allows a unit to take up 1 fewer space on the battlefield, allowing for all PBs to expand their battlefield and put more units into play. Furthermore, units with this alteration gain the powerful Decoy ability we’ve only seen before on the Glow Finch. Of course, players will be reluctant to use Decoy to destroy the unit carrying this valuable alteration, but the presence of this ability creates an interesting dynamic between the players. Unwavering Loyalty is particularly useful for restricted battlefield PBs… most notably, Maeoni.

Art is not final as these are just place holders. If any of you are interested in participating in this project such as design or playtesting please contact me.


  • The frog looks sooo cool!

    For Unwavering Loyalty I see a difference between the card and the text in the atricle. While the card says "unit does not count towards your battlefield limit", the text says "allows to take up 1 fewer space on the battlefield". This is a difference for the new Massive ability.

  • My card images are probably out of date. I'll be recreating them when I have the finalized cards, but I'm guessing the text is more accurate than the picture in this case.