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Dagger, Armor and a Broker

Hello everyone. I took a pause from posting these as I was on vacation. I will make the zip files public once I finished previewing these cards. I will also look into posting these on a printing site given that we make zero profit from these. Lastly, I am still working on getting affordable artist together. If you are interested in doing any art please let me know. As for today we go into the last two alterations that Jill’s deck brings and a unit that works very well with alterations.

Deteriorating Armor is among the best defensive alterations in the game, granting life and the Armored ability. This does come at a price. This is the slowest alteration there is costing both a side and main action. It also comes with a new ability that will be unique to time magic. The countdown ability represents the fleeting nature of Time’s most powerful cards. In this case, Deteriorating Armor will only last two rounds.

Next is one of the most versatile alterations. The conceal ability will allow you to get an extra point of damage after having the knowledge of how your opponents set up their blockers. Be careful using this, you will need something in your discard to hide the blade in or else it won’t trigger. The throw ability won’t be used as much as the conceal ability but it is still useful on units you won’t exhausted anyways. Use it on Shield Mage or Immortal Commander instead of using Exert.

Last for today is the Relic Broker. This unit is reliant on the alterations in your deck. It has just enough life to get it in play without being destroyed immediately, you are basically building your own unit with two alterations. Want something offensive with Power Through and Frozen Crown, defensive with Crystal Shield and Spiked Armor or a perfect mix between. With Relic Broker costing just 3 dice and most alteration combinations costing 3-5 dice, you are really making out a strong discount. Though it does come with a downside. It is tough to play round 1 unless you meditate a lot. It will also be tough to play late game since your deck may run thin of alterations. All that said, it has been one of my favorite cards to test and I hope you find as much enjoyment in it as I do.