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You DO come back

We're a little behind the spoilers on Facebook, so let's catch up before the new expansions are officially available here on!

I am sorry for the delayed previews. Many of us have gotten busy the last couple weeks. The previews will be coming much faster in the coming weeks. As for today, we will preview the premier alteration holder, an interesting new reaction and Jill’s unique.

When we first previewed Jill she has been given comparisons to both Orrick and Victoria. Both of which have easier restrictions on their dice recursion abilities and Jill was thought of as a weaker version of those two. The unique is where she really shines. Orrick typically builds his deck without a unique and Victoria builds her deck in fear of meditating away her unique. Neither of those cases apply to Jill’s unique Trusted Boomerang.

Trusted Boomerang is the second card that features the unique parallel cost between a class die and a main action that is only in time magic. The damage it deals depends on how many units it destroys. It combos very well with Aftershock, Winged Lioness, Gilder and other cards to ping down an opponent's board while letting Boomerang deal the finishing blow. Fallen decks best hope they don’t run into this card. In addition to dealing its damage, Boomerang will net you a draw as long as the damage wasn’t prevented by cards such as Particle Shield. Lastly, this can return back to your hand with its callback ability. If you believe you have received enough extra dice you can place an exhaustion token on Jill to draw a timely card and deal at least 1 additional damage. Trusted Boomerang is the first card we are previewing with unique art. The rest of the cards today will be using placeholder art.

The first summon spell we will preview is Summon Flying Monkey. This ready spell has a lot to unpack. In addition to placing a Flying Monkey onto your battlefield, this activation allows you to place 1 status token on an alteration or a unit with an alteration attached to it. This leads to some fun combos with Explosive Growth, Mark of the Red Flower, Deep Freeze and an alteration yet to be previewed. If that wasn’t enough the focus 1 ability allows you to get double use out of your alterations. It may not seem like much, but trust me using Power Through or Holy Relics twice a round is incredibly strong. The Monkey itself is a straightforward 3/1/0 unit with no abilities. The 1 life for 2 dice can be worrisome so make sure you make good use of the focus 1 ability to keep it around.

Flying Monkey is now the fifth unit with no abilities and it will be the fourth unit that can be affected by the reaction Paradox Clone.

I am very excited to see all the Iron Rhinos running around and making good use of this card. For the low cost of 1 Time Power, you can summon a second Mist Spirit, Masked Wolf, Iron Rhino or Flying Monkey without the need of a ready spell. In the case of Iron Rhino and Flying Monkey you are also getting a discount on that unit. Though this type of magic does have a drawback. When the conjuration leaves play it is removed from the game. Interestingly, Jill gets to re-roll a die when Paradox Clone attaches a Broken Timeline alteration to a unit.


  • big fan of the new cards!! (and I'm all for anything that might make iron rhinos usable).

    quick question to satisfy my personal curiosity, what is the fifth unit with no abilities? there's mist spirit, iron rhino, masked wolf, flying monkey and?

  • Sleeping Widow has no ability, but I can't see why it could not be used with Paradox Clone. I was expecting the fifth to be an ally, but can't find one without abilities.

  • Paradox Clone specifically targets conjurations with no abilities, so I believe Sleeping Widow is indeed the one missing from the list.

  • The text above says:

    Flying Monkey is now the fifth unit with no abilities and it will be the fourth unit that can be affected by the reaction Paradox Clone.

    As Paradox Clone addresses only conjurations, I drew the conclusion that the fifth must be an ally, because the sentence says there is a unit with no abilities that can not be targeted. So, still the question remains: Can Sleeping Widow be target by Paradox Clone? From the card I would say yes, the sentence above says clearly no (if Sleeping Widow were to be the fifth unit).

  • I think that it is just a misunderstanding. I would say that sleeping widows can be affected by paradox clone, given the lack of anything 'official' saying otherwise. skaak#1st is only human after all (I hope!)

  • Do note that I didn't author these posts (I'm reposting things posted to Facebook), so I'm not the final authority here. :-)

  • The reason you can't use Paradox Clone on a Sleeping Widow is because you can only play 1 reaction spell per turn.