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Ashes going out of print?

Hi! Snorka here!
This is my first post on the community, and I just have one question. Is Ashes going out of print? I understand that PHG is done expanding the game, but from the official post it seemed they are going to keep printing it. Is this true? Should I buy up expansions and dice now, or can I wait?
Thank you!


  • Got this message from Plaid Hat the other day.

    Thanks for reaching out to us. It's always nice to hear from a passionate fan. As of now we have no plans to reprint any sets or produce turtle dice. I'm afraid you'll have to turn to aftermarket sites to get the ones you're missing.

    So I went out to buy all the decks.

    Damn sad. This game is just epic.

  • Can't confirm anything but it makes sense.
    The Dice are expansive and they have stopped hyping the game.
    Since people who do not own the base game do not buy expansions you will always have to produce more dice in order to increase sales at this point.

    Since they know the numbers this seems to imply that the base game does not really sell well any more.

    Buying all the decks now is probably a bit costly but otherwise smart.
    I still regret having bought the german cards because they have translation errors and i still think that i might buy everything up to Oddette again in english, but i also want to wait and save money.

    Also the Deluxe expansions were only normal price in Europe for some reason.