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Drafting Options

I really enjoy a good draft, but it is frustrating having to take one of each card from all the decks to do so.
Which got me thinking ... there must be a way to do this digitally.
So, how people draft? Is there an online app/tool that would let us randomise and choose from the card list?



  • i started a java application for this once but there are so many details to be aware of* and on board game geek people prepared a reference deck of all card which you can print and use to draft the cards.

    Your select as many of the reference cards as you want to draft with, draft the cards and when you are done you just select the cards you drafted from your collection.

    Here is a link Ashes Files on BGG

    *There are many options about what order you could want to draft the elements (Cards/Phoenixborn/Dice) in and what cardpool you could want to draft from.
    Also people might want to limit certain cards and you might wish to draft a deck in the Hearthstone stile.
    You do not need to code these things in but as soon as you start you will find your self trying to get it as good as possible.