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Do you really want to live forever?

Today we introduce the child king, Tolliver I, and his unique card, Forever in the Moment. Tolliver uses a combination of time and charm magic. His pre-constructed deck, which will be previewed over the coming weeks, provides a variety of new cards to help mill your opponent’s deck and push through difficult-to-block direct attacks.

Tolliver comes with an average starting life (18) and a relatively large battlefield (8). This combination is valuable for decks that plan to mill their opponent out of cards. Having a large battlefield, for example, makes it easier to use three-eyed owl’s memory drain without necessarily exposing yourself to swing damage. On the other hand, Tolliver is limited to only 3 spellboard slots.

Tolliver’s ability – renewal – allows you to use two main actions in one turn. However, it comes with an unusual restriction. The second main action must be used to pass. At first blush, this may appear puzzling. Why would you want to waste a side action just to pass? But if you can force your opponent to pass, renewal allows Tolliver to take a main action and end the round without giving his opponent a chance to respond. This can be taken advantage of in a variety ways. For example, following an opponent pass, Tolliver could attack a unit that he wants to remove from his opponent’s battlefield or even attack the opponent PB without giving the opponent a chance to launch a counter attack before the end of the round. This will force Tolliver’s opponents to be very careful about whether they really want to pass early in a round. The time power die (previewed here) can be quite helpful in pushing your opponent to pass at inopportune times, as it can be used to prevent your opponent from meditating to get the dice necessary to summon a given unit. Similarly, having an effective attack deterrent – like a butterfly monk or an orchid dove – can push your to either pass or attack on undesirable terms. To be sure, if Tolliver has a large dice advantage it may still be safe for an opponent to pass early in the round, as it would not be in Tolliver’s interest to end the round with a large number of unused dice.

Tolliver’s unique card – Forever in the Moment – provides an interesting solution to this issue, by accelerating multiple main actions into a single turn. For the cost of a main action and a basic die, Forever in the Moment gives Tolliver two additional main actions this turn, provided neither action is used to attack. So if an opponent passes early in a round, Tolliver could play Forever in the Moment to summon two large units and then immediately end the round via renewal. Alternatively, following a meteor Tolliver could play Forever in the Moment to quickly repopulate his board with units. The fact that Forever in the Moment cannot be used to immediately attack, means that Tolliver’s opponent will have at least one turn to respond. Even so, Forever in the Moment gives Tolliver consider flexibility to manipulate tempo.

As previously mentioned, the images here are merely placeholders, until we can find an artist to provide original images for the cards.


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  • Love both cards. Who is surprised ?
    Passing as a game mechanic is something i also came up with. It gives interesting choices. The Restrictions are well chosen in my opinion.
    The things that could happen if you could attack multiple times per turn are not to be spoken of.

    I thought of a similar card that was restricted to to activating or playing spells but this is probably still fine as it is a Phoenixborn specific card.
    Also solves one of my personal problems which is that i can not play a summon and activate it on the same turn.

    Again, great cards.

  • Love him already!

  • First of all, thanks to everyone that has said they are looking forward to the expansions!! I'm sure i speak for all the play testers when I say that we hope you enjoy playing Jill and Tolliver as much as we have!

    I just realised that you can take four main actions in one turn!!! Never noticed that in play testing (and when said like that, it sounds super broken lol)

    Also, the description says 18 life but the photo says 17. Can that please get cleared up? I believe his life is 17, but NIUMath#1tss's word gets precedence.

  • Super excited for this!

  • That is an old photo, my apologies. 18 is the correct life. We pushed through one last buff as Toliver has shown to be pretty low to mid tier. Also, Brain and I tested the four main actions in one turn. It is best with Fallen because that takes up 3 cards in your hand to do that. However, Fallen will be given a few counters in Jill's deck that will be previewed soon.

  • The selection of card arts in both previews are amazing!
    Even though they are placeholders, the images represent the cards appropriately.
    Kudos to the team who put all of these expansions together. So excited to see the rest of what Jill and Tolliver can offer.

  • I'll admit I was skeptical when i heard there were fan developments in the works, but everything I've seen is quite interesting. I don't know if I'll ever play enough to take advantage of all these new combinations but I'm happy to cheerlead and look forward to future reveals.

  • Now i am excited about this....interesting.

  • So when will the next reveal be ?