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Time Dice Power

Hello everyone, sorry this is late. The time dice power has the ability to slow down an opponents plays by restricting them from performing a side action for a turn. This may be on the low end of dice powers and while this is likely not a dice power that decks can build around such as the Illusion dice power is, this can be ultra effective in many circumstances. This is able to keep your battlefield stable for a turn against Aradel’s Water Blast or Harold’s Mark Prey. The time power can be used to slow to a opportunist unit such as Squall Stallion for a turn so you have time to have an answer. It can delay a wincon such as Spirit Burn or Hypnotize so you can have one additional turn to win the game. This also has the potential to end the round early if you opponent needs to meditate for their main action. This dice power is not going to be used every game. It certainly wasn’t during playtesting. However, it is a very powerful ability when used timely.


  • It sounds super niche but it really changes a lot of decisions.
    Many applications require you to be in the opponents head but some just make it so that the opponent can't perform all the side actions they want to.

    You can delay meditions, which is actually important.
    You can play multiple intruder cards like Blood Puppet, Deep Freeze and Weeping Spirit
    and it can prevent Hypnosis when they are out of other main actions.
    But still it is easy to just use a dice without effect.

    If this turns out to be too weak the dice could dial down until it leaves the Phoenixborn like this to make the effect last 2 turns :
    [[time:power]] -> [[time:class]] -> remove

  • The cards are already playtested. This is one of the weakest dice powers. It has felt just above divine dice power. The cards in time make up for it just as the cards in divine made up for it.

  • Interesting, I'm only a casual player; are there any plans in place to turn this into a functional physical item or is this going to languish in the homemade, print and play/ handcraft section of reality?

  • are there any plans in place to turn this into a functional physical item

    We don't currently have any plans to sell physical cards (we stuck with the original design, so there's way too many copyright issues there). However, folks can print and play them if they like, and that's relatively easy since there's tons of print-on-demand services that produce quality product for about the cost of an original game expansion.

    We are working on developing Time dice, but again there's the issue of copyrighted images (the turtle and Basic symbol are both PHG's). I am spear-heading that effort, but folks are currently split over the desire to get affordable dice (easily possible and legally safe using custom icons) vs. the desire to have the official icons on the dice.

    I should have some news on this shortly. I've lined up two potential manufacturers (one laser engraved for a smaller quantity, and one molded for a larger quantity), have some custom icons that I am very happy with (but again are a bit divisive because they aren't the official icons), and am getting close to the point where I am ready to gauge public interest to see if there are enough people interested to make a large dice order worthwhile.

  • And we're there! You can preview the icon design for my "Turtle Dice" here:

    If you like what you see and think you would like to purchase 1 or more sets, please fill out the form on that page! I need to know: a) is interest high enough to justify a bulk order in the first place; b) is interest high enough to justify molded dice (which increases the size of the bulk order but brings down the cost)?

    And if you want physical dice but hate the idea of non-standard icons, fill the form out, too (just check the appropriate box)! If I find an alternative that would allow individuals to print their own sets using the official icons, I will let you know (just know that whatever I find will be a lot pricier than Turtle Dice).

  • Currently i think the quality of the cards is comparable to the main product and i would be an idiot not to buy into this while i can get the advantages of mass production.

    The Permission to use offical images would probably cost thousands of dollars, if PHG would even give the permission. In the End someone is continuing a product that they deemed not be worth enough any more.
    They could milk it for money that way and Asmodee (who bought Plaidhat Games last Year) is known to enforce right protection for monetary gains.

    I feel like this could easily spiral into a game that just is inspired by ashes if it succeeds and there is no party i would rather want to develop the spiritual successor to ashes than this community.

    So if you like the game and are unsatisfied with the slightly different Art - maybe just give it a go anyway just to support the community.

  • I honestly like the new basic dice symbol better than the official one. Keep up the good work!