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Raven Rules update: v1.1 ("The errata update")

I've bumped Raven Rules (PDF) to v1.1 with the following changes:

Anchornaut and Chant of the Dead errata removed. I originally changed these cards to behave the way Mark of the Red Flower worked in the original Plaid Hat rulings. However, some players pointed out that the MotRF ruling made no sense. As a result, I've removed these errata and added the following rule in order to ensure these cards adhere closer to the "cards as written" principle that guides the rest of Raven Rules:

Raven Rules v1.1, p. 8
An effect without a triggering condition or Main or Side action cost can only be activated before or after a core framework event.

Raven Rules v1.1, p. 12
Core framework event: any top-level bulleted or numbered game step in the core rulebook:

  • Prepare Phase: Roll Dice; Discard Cards; Draw Cards
  • Player Turns Phase: Pay a cost; Attack a Phoenixborn; Attack a Unit; Pass; Pay a cost; Meditate; Activate Dice Power Ability
  • Attack actions (Player Turns Phase): Declare Attackers; Choose Target; Declare Blockers or Declare a Guard; Resolve Damage
  • Recovery Phase: Recover; Remove Exhaustion; Exhaust Dice; Pass First Player Token

This means Anchornaut and Chant of the Dead are slightly nerfed in order to maintain consistent effect resolution, while Mark of the Red Flower is buffed (because you can now use it mid-combat; Silver Snake shenanigans are back on the menu, boys!).

Removed Sun Sister errata. Raven Rules explicitly make an exception that allow "discard" and "leaves play" triggers to resolve when the card they are on has left play, so this official errata is no longer necessary (plus it was kind of pointless anyway, because there are several cards using similar templating that didn't get errata from Plaid Hat).

Added explicit errata for Golden Veil, Vanish, Angelic Rescue, Veil of Reversal, and Summon Majestic Titan. This is the same as the previous version, except instead of bulk errata I've applied it to specific cards.

If you re-download Raven Rules, make sure to check the version number (should be v1.1); I've cleared the server caches, but browsers still sometimes like to cache this sort of file.


  • I don't understand what the silver snakes shenanigans are but i think this is mostly positive.

  • When Mark of the Red Flower was originally spoiled several of us were drooling at the thought of sticking that on a Silver Snake and firing it off mid-combat (it effectively bumps the Snake's damage output by +1-2: you spend 2 attack to deal 3 damage, and if that kills something you get another status token back). Combine that with Gravity Training and now Seeds of Aggression and a single Snake is suddenly much more capable of clearing the field on its own.

    That dream was foiled even before the cards were released, though, thanks to the MotRF-specific ruling that a card with costs but no main or side cost could only be activated when you could perform a main or side action.

    The most recent revision of Raven Rules is thus a buff to MotRF and brings Anchornaut and Chant of the Dead into line with its behavior (so we finally have a single consistent behavior for this identical bit of templating).

  • And for people who find it hard to visualize how rule text actually applies in a game situation: I recorded a video with some examples that highlight the major changes in Raven Rules compared to the official rulings. You can find it here: