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Sembali Grimtongue Ban Manifestation

Can Sembalis Phoenixborn ability (Ban Manifestations) remove dark transformation in Harold Westraven's deck or does it not apply because it is a conjured alteration spell and not a unit?


  • does not apply because it is a conjured alteration spell

    exactly. according to the rule card included with the Frostdale Giants and the Demons of Darmas conjured alterations spells aren't considered conjurations for the purpose of conjuration removal. when in play, conjured alteration spells are just alteration spell (so they can be affected by cards like cut the strings and dispel.

  • I only have the german version of the rule card but from what i could find on the internet the card does not say explicitly that is not a conjuration.

    But conjuration is a card type and not the name for cards that start in your conjuration pile.
    So the affected cards have to actually read the type 'conjuration' in the left textfield under their name - like Mist Spirit.
    Dark Transformation does not read 'conjuration' so it is not an a valid target.
    This is the same logic by which you select which cards are allies for the purposes of say Bound Soul*.

    Another hint at this being the correct interpretation is the fact that we do not have Rules that say that you have to discard Units (or Readyspells) if you have more than your Phoenixborn can support. There is actually no punishment for it.
    Currently the only rule in that regard is that you can't play more of them until you are under your limit again.

    So technically you could use dispel on your own dark Transformation and have 3 ready spells with only 2 Spell board slots.
    But there is currently no real advantage to this.

    *A Card can have multiple types : Strange Copy is an ally while in play in addition to being an action spell. So if it dies to a Silver Snake it is actually removed from the game.
    This kind of exception has to be stated on the card and i believe Strange Copy is the only Card that does this in Ashes.