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Ashes is Not Dead - A Community Continuation

Hello fellow ashes enthusiast. I am pleased to bring you some good news. Several of the other top players in the ashes community have been working hard in designing and playtesting new decks with a new magic type, Time Magic. The first two decks we are releasing were designed by two former GenCon winners who have a strong pedigree of competitive play. These will be previewed in the coming weeks but I want to give you a small snippet of what we have.

Matt Bauers, the winner of GenCon 2016 and one of the former voices of the main action podcast, has designed a deck that is Charm/Time. Tolliver the Child King established his prosperous kingdom centuries ago, using his magic to retain his youth. Though his power and influence grew, his capacity for empathy did not, his powers leaving him in a state of selfish narcissism. He now seeks only to spend his time in frivolous pursuits, while his kingdom falls slowly into ruin. Tolliver brings some new mill and time concepts to the table. Tolliver has a unique ability to leverage more main actions than any other Phoenixborn in Argaia.
The companion deck is mono-time. This one was designed by me, Carl Burns (Diaz) the 2018 Friday GenCon winner. Jill Traversack is the Phoenixborn of the Cradlewreath village, the home of the largest museum in Argaia. Jill has collected items from ancient pages of spell books to large hammers used in the chimera war. Jill’s ability leverages the use of one of the weakest aspects of ashes competitive meta, offensive alterations. Will this make her or alterations competitive?

It may sound like a bit of a brag here pointing out Matt’s and my own victories at Gencon but that is not the intent. Rather, I want to stress the competitive history of the design team to show you all that this endeavor is going to feel official and not “customy.” I also want to point out that our two lead playtesters, Adam Tarr and Brian Broughman, have plenty of experience in competitive ashes events (and in Adam’s case experience playtesting earlier Ashes decks). While I have focused on the competitive scene, we have also had many playtesters print the two decks out and test them as precons against other precons. These decks are balanced for pre-constructed play as all the previous decks were. So if you are more accustomed to digging into the precons before you deck build or if you never deck build at all, don’t fear these decks are for you as well. Shout out to Yannick, Liam and Angus for doing that.

Lastly, the art and graphic design has been done by Andrew DiLullo. I am very confident that you all will be impressed with the work that he has done. I personally can’t wait to show these off to you in a PHG preview style. Be sure to keep an eye out for these!


  • Awesome! Thank you so much. And yes, I'll love the spoiler style, too.

  • Hey, Andrew here. Just a friendly reminder that all the art we'll be using on the cards for the upcoming content is placeholder only. I did not create any of the art, only the template for making the cards.

    The art will hopefully be replaced at some point in the future if we can find artist(s) capable of filling the project with beautiful ideas and sound illustration. In the mean time, I've catered the placeholder art to capture the overall feeling of these particular spells and characters.

  • Sounds great!!

  • Very excited for this project!

    How are we to go about getting time dice? I wonder if, perhaps, we bulk ordered (with preorders all massed together) a bunch of custom dice, that we could get costs down? If you buy a custom d6 from the net, it costs anywhere from 3 to 6 dollars. But if we got 1000+ dice (i know that i would want to pre-order 20 time dice, for example, which would only require 50 people of similar mindset), maybe dice could cost closer to $1 or less?

  • we are currently exploring options over on the slack channel, but there are a few legal concerns around it (given both the [[basic]] and the turtle are the intellectual property of PHG).

  • One idea, then, might be to use a regular triangle and a generic turtle, rather than their specific designs?

    Also of note, is that a triangle with a circle inside of it should be doable, since that is used by so many different organizations, from Alcoholics Anonymous, to Harry Potter. Then again, I'm no legal expert.

  • that was suggested, but the community didn't seem to like it.

  • Yeah, I did a straw poll on the Slack channel, and 100% of the people who responded said they wouldn't want to buy physical Time dice without the official icons (admittedly, it was a very small sample size). For reference, here's the example I gave that people didn't seem to like:

    I've also run into trouble in that the one distributor who I found that makes small(ish) batches of custom dice for reasonable prices only offers dice with heavily rounded corners (and they look very different from the official dice):

  • Hmmm...Sloth is fine with me if PHG is deadset on not reviving Time Dice.
    Edit: (Oh wait, it's not a sloth, but the front view of a turtle. Well....)

    Though it's really a bummer to get reminded of the Turtle symbol on the Ashes deck box. [[basic]] as well.

    But the concept above looks good.

  • Ha, I evidently need to work on that icon; it's still a turtle. Just a box turtle viewed from the front instead of a sea turtle viewed from the top.