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Announcing Project Phoenix

Plaid Hat Games ceased development of Ashes in April 2019. But the Phoenix will not be denied. Project Phoenix is a collaboration of Ashes fans working together to continue development on this wonderful game.

Learn more here, and keep an eye on the new Project Phoenix forum for previews of upcoming cards and more!


  • I`m really excited to see what you will come up with. Good luck!

  • In this new ruleset is said time dice power. Is it the power that we will get with those decks that you gonna bring to us?

  • There should be an official Time dice spoiler sometime soon that will answer all your questions. :-)

  • If it is possible for me to contribute after the first twin pack to contribute in some way i would like to get involved too.
    Sadly i'm still stuck in that i have trouble joining the slack channel - are there other channels of communication ?

  • Shoot me your email, and if I can't get the system to send you an invite I'll ping the admin and see if he can get you in.