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Community Errata / Balance changes

Hello everyone,
i wanted to motivate some Community made balance changes so here are the changes we discussed in our playgroup, some of them tested, some of them not.
Obviously not all of them have been tested with each other.
Tested does not mean 'good' or 'bad' it literally is just the opposite of 'untested'.
Those changes mostly worked okay.

You are invited to post your opinion.

Chant of Revenge - only triggers when a unit is destroyed by an opponent.
Turtle Guard - Recovery reduced to 1
Elephant Rider - Recovery reduced to 2, Life reduced to 5, can not be the target of a spell with 'mount' in the title.
Beast Mage Recovery increased to 2, Life increased to 3.
Frozen Crown - Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]]
Crystal Shield - Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]]
Holy Relics - Added Respark : 1 [[basic]] or 1 [[discard]]
Undying Heart - Respark costs reduced to 0 [[basic]] for lack of a better term
Bring Forth - costs reduced to 1[[ceremonial:class]]1[[basic]], Respark : changed to 1[[basic]]
Deep Freeze - now places 5 status tokens on itself.
Freezing Blast - costs reduced to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]], may pay an additional [[basic]] to deal 3 damage instead, no more status token removal.
To Shadows - Playcost is now 1 [[illusion:class]], activation only costs [[side]]
Figures in the Fog - also can be used on defense.You may take an exhausted [[illusion]] die back (from your exhausted ..) on a side of your choice.
Hidden Power - Cost increased to [[main]] [[side]]1[[illusion:class]]
Empower - cost changed to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]]
Prepare - Added Focus 2 : Prepare does not use a Spellboard slot (this one works really well)
Odette Diamondcrest - Changed ability to [..] may place 2 wounds. Increased Life to 19.
Maeoni Viper - now has 5 spellboard

Untested changes

Hunt Master Life increased to 4
Light Swordsman Added 'After this enters the Battlefield, draw a Card then Put a Card from your Hand on the top or bottom of your draw pile'
Flash Archer - costs reduced to 2[[illusion:class]] 1[[basic]]
Turtle Guard - Instead of the Above change Ability to 'When this takes damage, place an exhaustion token on it'
Hidden Power - Instead of the above add "Can only be played when your Phoenixborn is unexhausted. Exhaust your phoenixborn"
Dark Reaping - Also exhaust your Phoenixborn as with Hidden Power.
Chant of Revenge - instead of the above, change costs to 1[[ceremonial:class]] 1[[basic]]
Summon Blood Puppet - Added Focus 2 : May change activation cost to [[side]] 1 [[ceremonial:Power]]
Brennen Blackcloud - ability now costs 1[[ceremonial:class]].
Summon Steadfast Guardian - costs changed from 1[[divine:class]] 1[[charm:class]] to 2[[basic]] but can only be used if you have a [[divine:class]] AND [[charm:class]] in your pool.
Sleight of Hand - Costs changed to 1[[illusion:class]] 1[[Discard]].
Transfer - Cost changed to [[side]] 1[[charm:class]]1[[basic]]
Golden Veil - Added : You may shuffle Golden Veil into your draw pile.
Summon Ice Golem - Playcost increased : 1[[natural:class]] ,Activation Cost reduced to 1[[natural:class]] 1[[basic]] (probably too much with all the cost reduction for Attachments)
Summon Iron Rhino - Activation cost changed to 1[[natural:class]] 4 [[basic]]
Holy Knight - Added Ability : (unexh.) Purity - can only gain Abilities that are not unexhaustable.
Augury - Playcost increased to 1[[Sympathy:class]]1[[basic]], activation cost is now [[side]], can search for Cards of Playcost between 1 and X.


  • Have you joined the slack channel? We have a long term plan for card balancing, but we also have a few other projects I think you would be interested in. everyone else should join the slack channel as well though!

  • I think a lot of these are unnecessary and to much. However, whatever gets the most out of this game for you and your playgroup is awesome! I am leading a playtest group that is coming out with two full new decks that have been playtested by the top ashes players likely within the next week.

  • Have you joined the slack channel?

    I tried but the relevant email probably was considered Spam and now sadly the system only prompts me that i already have been invited.

  • I just realized that this way i at least get a surprise in the form of new decks.
    Building new Ashes decks would be great, but what i am really missing is spoiler season.

    If there is anyone who would appreciate the sprinkled out card spoilers it is me.
    Spoilers originally were on Tuesday and Thursday somewhere around 18 o'clock (UCT+1).
    So my Birthday is next Month, and maybe there are periodic card spoilers too.

  • Building new Ashes decks would be great, but what i am really missing is spoiler season

    That's actually kind of tricky with community-generated content. Spoilers work great for actual board gaming companies, because they provide a way to increase/keep hype going between when the cards are finalized, and when they are finally printed and delivered. With community-created content, though, there's no necessary wait between cards being finalized and releasing them because the only deliverable is digital.

    Maybe the happy medium would be to see if the designers of the decks are willing to break down the new cards once they're released.

  • I am planning on showing the cards in a PHG spoiler style.

  • I am planning on showing the cards in a PHG spoiler style.

    Yay :)

  • Where will be published those new decks?

  • They mentioned that they will be supported on this site so i guess you will find at least a post here when the time has come.