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Ashes 500 for everyone (and view decks by card)!

The entire published card pool now has a value for those of you who enjoy the alternative deck construction format Ashes 500!

For those of you new to the format, all rules are the same except that each card has a point value associated with it, and the total value for your deck must be 500 points or less. The Ashes 500 format is explicitly designed to discourage popular meta-dominant decks, and encourage creative deck-building by making otherwise-underused cards relevant.

You can enable Ashes 500 for your deck by clicking the "Meta" tab in the deck-builder, then clicking "Enable Ashes 500". Remember to save your deck after doing this if you want it to persist, or you can just toggle it on and off if you want a feeling for how overpowered the Ashes 500 format thinks your deck is. ;-)

View decks that use a particular card!

Additionally, you can now view recent published decks for any given card on the card detail page. For instance, ever wondered how the heck people are even using Exhortation? Well, click that link and see for yourself!