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No more Decks

Just in case you did not hear it already :
Plaidhat just stated that consider ashes a finished product with no more content to come.

Offical Post

We do not have much details on this, but the way it is written suggest that there might be some news on the game in the future but nothing essential. So maybe an FAQ but nothing certain.


  • In happier news, the Slack channel has been working on community-made content to support the game now that it has officially been dropped (and I will be supporting those cards here on once they are complete).

    I'm super sad we'll never get official Time dice, though.

  • for those who aren't on the slack channel, it can be found here

  • I tried to enter the slack chat but i can't find a relevant email in my inbox. What am i looking for ?
    It says my email has already been invited and that i can't do it again, so i'm a little stuck.

  • Back when I joined, I received an email with the subject that ended with "has invited you to join a Slack workspace" (first bit is a person's name; presumably the person who created the Slack channel), and it was from the address [email protected]

    Weird that it won't just re-send the email.

  • Glad the Slack link is there, but I don't use it... When should we expect the Discord bot to be back up and running? It's been down for several months now.