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Aoe damage order

Suppose i have Luminous Seedling and two Brilliant Thorn`s on my field. All of them have one wound token. My opponent uses Nature's Wrath. Who decides which creatures are taking damage first?


  • The current Player, which is your opponent at that point.

    One thing to note is that the end of the round step for Indiglow Creepers and Brilliant Thorns is also quite complicated :

    Before the End of the Round the first player Marker switches Players.
    Then the current Holder of the first player marker decideds who dies first, Creepers or Thorns.
    The opponent would of course chose Thorns first, as then you would have to place status tokens somewhere before the Luminous seedlings are spawned.
    So if you start the game as the first player and somehow have 2 thorns and a creeper on the field at the end of the round - Happy Birthday, they are all gone.
    But if the opponent was the starting player, with the same setup you would have one fully charged seedling.

    It really is something to get frustrated over during gameplay.

  • Oh. When i played with my friend he was always the one to decide order of his units dying. That`s some valueable info. Thank you very much for reply!