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Shinig hydra + Poison

If i use Poison on my Shining Hydra it just gets aditional attack every turn ( til limit of Shining Hydra Head). Is my reasoning correct?

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  • I played some card games before, but was never interested in any of them as much as with ashes. So theese strange rules doesn`t surprise me but i am still not sure how to interpret them

  • There are essentially two possible way of handling things :

    • Actions are treated by their extension - meaning, that it does not matter what you call something, just what you do. Not a lot of Games use this mode, mostly because it is impossible to objectively decide anything in tournaments.
    • Actions have fixed names and only count as such if the name is used. This is way easier to manage for the creators of the game and allows for explicit exceptions to certain behavior.

    And a game of this complexity is bound to have some wired wordings at some point. I think ashes actually keeps the count quite low.
    But i would agree that they should have done a sanity check before saying that alterations do not target and that receiving damage is somehow later then dealing damage when my bear punches your Iron Worker.

  • One more question on Choke. It says when your opponent would use ability. But you don`t declare using terryfing. It just works. Therefore, can you stop terryfing with Choke?

  • yes, because they still use the ability, even if it isn't declared. its the same for abilities like overkill, terrifying and stalk.

  • I just noticed how bad it is with stalk, since it is only active if all attackers have the ability.
    If you attacked with 3 lionesses and one gets choked the entire attack loses the effect of stalk.

  • I comment pretty extensively on this build and strategies for it in my Dimona Poison Hydra deck: