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Shinig hydra + Poison

If i use Poison on my Shining Hydra it just gets aditional attack every turn ( til limit of Shining Hydra Head). Is my reasoning correct?


  • Yes. Poison deals damage, and Shining hydras regenerate heads activates on 'wound tokens placed on this unit as a result of damage'. it should be noted that anyhing that directly places wounds (molten gold, aftershock X, song of sorrow) does not deal damage.

  • Isn`t it overpowered? like i can deal 10 damage first round and opponent can`t even block beacouse of terryfying. And then comes second round where my hydra still has poison attached

  • Assuming they don't Fear it, or Blood Chains, or Choke at a key point, or Dispel Poison, or...

    There's ways around it. :-)

  • Ok. That`s really some counters. although i think that Choke doesn`t do much here. And also when i review decks that other players are publishing usually theese counters aren`t in their first five

  • Choke lets the hydra be blocked as it is attacking, which can lead to it being killed by the blocking unit.

    Hydra + Poison is a known combo that result in an easy win if you aren't prepared to counter it, and so you should consider making sure every deck you build has a counter that you can sub into the FF if you suspect your opponent is playing Hydra + Poison. There are a number of combinations like this, that can result in an easy win in the first or second round if the opponent doesn't have a counter, but that are easy to counter, and so competitive decks should have a counter they can swap into the FF. The most prominent combo of this sort is amplify on a holy knight with lots of charm dice with hypnotize (called one punch). Other combos include growfinch and Matt B's new meteor + fallen + illusion dice combo.

    Because many/most competitive players will anticipate these combos and be prepared for a counter, and because the counters destroy decks based on these combos, these combos end up not being played very often. But they can certainly generate easy wins if you can catch an opponent by surprise.

  • I agree with all of that.

    my thoughts on countering this combo specifically is regress. less for the -5 attack and more for the 'remove all other alteration spells attached to this unit'. the -5 attack is nice if they have another poison/an encore or shared sorrow. the reason I think regress is this best counter is because it doesn't target, so can't be prevented with things like angelic rescue or golden veil.

  • Another things about Regress is that it kills any hydra above 3 wound tokens since it removes the life they gain from the heads.

  • the reason I think regress is this best counter is because it doesn't target

    But it is alteration spell. Doesn`t alteration spells target card they are going to be attached to?

  • no. I don't have the rule book handy and cant remember the exact wording, but alteration spells don't target. they affect, not target.

  • This is true. Alterations are not targeting unless otherwise specified.

    FAQ, P. 3 under "Golden Veil"

    A: No. Alteration spells do not target when played.
    Alteration spells are considered to attach, which does
    affect a unit.