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Project Phoenix

Plaid Hat Games ceased development of Ashes in April 2019. But the Phoenix will not be denied. Project Phoenix is a collaboration of Ashes fans working together to continue development on this wonderful game.

Current projects

New content

  • Time dice: Plaid Hat teased a seventh and final dice type on their deluxe expansions, but the game was canceled before Time dice were released. We are developing and play-testing a custom implementation of Time dice, along with a physical variant for purchase.
  • Time expansions: There are currently two expansions being designed and play-tested using the new Time dice (a mono-Time deck, and a Time/Charm deck).
  • Raven Rules: The official FAQ includes several counter-intuitive rulings, and sadly failed to define a small number of low-level game mechanics. Project Phoenix is play-testing a revised, more comprehensive ruleset (while maintaining compatibility with the core rulebook).

Improving old content

  • Ashes 500: Ashes 500 values have been posted for all cards released to date!
  • Card rebalancing: Although less far along than the above projects, some fans have expressed interest in creating errata for existing cards with an eye to improving game balance.

Project Phoenix is still in its infancy, so we do not have a specific timeline we can share; however, we have started spoiling the new cards (check out the Project Phoenix forum for the latest spoilers!), and if there is enough interest physical Turtle Dice will be available in about 4-6 months.

We hope to keep Ashes fresh for its dedicated fans for a long time to come.