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Intro Noah -- Shutout (476)

Noah Redmoon 476

  • Battlefield 6
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Ready Spells (9)

Allies (3)

Alteration Spells (3)

Action Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (9)

Conjuration Deck (15)


Part 4 in the, "Intro," series...

The goal is to create interesting, focused decks that are relatively easy to learn and balanced against each other.

Here, Noah is focused on gaining control of the board early on and shutting his opponent out. Shadow Target and Ice Trap keep your opponent off-balance, while Sleight of Hand allows you to draw into answers for future problems. Noah's cards are very affordable, all costing 3 or less, which means you can play the cards you draw. All of Noah's cards are focused on applying early pressure to his opponent. In addition to pressuring your opponent, Noah can also use his wide board of cheap conjurations to maximize damage from Out of the Mist.

However, this is balanced by Noah having to deal with three different types of magic and lacking long-term value. Noah must play aggressively to secure an advantage, or else he will be ground down by his opponent.

Suggested First Five:
-Shifting Mist
-Summon Masked Wolf
-Summon Shadow Spirit
-Sleight of Hand
-Ice Trap


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