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The Double Sea God


  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 18
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (2)

Conjuration Deck (7)


The Bone Sea Privateer lets you play Mark of the Goddess multiple times each round.

Here is a fun first five:
1) Mark of the Goddess
2) Bone Sea Privateer
3) Summon Frostback Bear
4) Dark Reaping
5) Blood Chains

As soon as opponent plays any non-trivial unit you steal it with MotG. Then attack opponent with the stolen unit, then Dark Reaping the stolen unit. Then play Bone Sea Privateer to return MotG to hand. Play MotG on another opponent unit --> attack --> blood chains (hopefully your opponent plays at least 3 units!). This only nets out to a cost of 8 dice.

Expect opponent to flip table about here.


  • I like the idea of taking control of the opponent's unit, attacking with said unit, destroying it, then taking back mark of the goddess to repeat the process. I created a similar deck, but before the new phoenixborn were playable. Have you considered playing Summon Nightsong Cricket simply to destroy it and force your opponent to either give you dark reaping, blood chains, or, hopefully Mark of the Goddess back?

  • OOOOF! Thats big...maybe even huge. Great interaction!

  • Hey Goldenphoenix. Thanks for the comment. I used to have a Jessa deck that made use of cricket in way you describe. Make sure fear is only card in your discard pile then use anchornaut to kill your own cricket, forcing opponent to give you back fear. Two fears in first round is also a lot of fun!! But that only works in first round since later on your discard pile is filled with less attractive targets, and killing your own unit is not always ideal.

  • looks up from pile of janky control/combo decks Don't judge me!!!

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