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The Mad Doctor

Plutarch Eastgate

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Reaction Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (10)


This is the starter deck for Plutarch Eastgate, available via print-and-play from Project Phoenix.

First Five suggestion pending.


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  • Plutarch's base deck is pretty heavy on counterplay, so a suggested first 5 would vary. For example Reaper's Rescue is very strong against Astrea and Harold. However, a general first 5 might be all four ready spells, plus Soul Augur.

    With this setup, I wouldn't necessarily plan to use either Plutarch's ability or Necromantic Abomination in the first round. I would be thinking more of building my stash up and using the Abomination as a win condition after it gets focussed.

    With the Soul Augur, I can fetch whichever ally is useful in the matchup. If I am facing a lot of board pressure, I can go with Plague Doctor. If I am facing dice pressure or mill I can get an Alchemist. If I just want to get over the top damage I can grab an Nihilist.

  • Dark procurement is very subtle, I didn't get that you could also make some use of it when Sloughing !

  • I spy a couple grammatical errors, can these be fixed please?
    Soul Augur: "an ally card with name" should be "an ally card with a name"
    Also: "Augur. reveal it, and place it..." Should be "Augur. Reveal it, and place it..."

    Also, the summon ready spells here say "summon... Onto the battlefield." They should say "summon... Onto your battlefield."

  • Also: "Augur. reveal it, and place it..." Should be "Augur. Reveal it, and place it..."

    That's a comma, not a period, between "Augur" and "reveal".

    I'll forward the other suggestions on to the card designer.

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