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Rhino bros

Orrick Gilstream

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 19
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Action Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (2)

Conjuration Deck (9)


FF: Expand Energy, Magic Purity, Resonance, Summon Iron Rhino and Open Memories.

Play Expand Energy, Magic Purity, then the Summon, and Open Memories for other Summon, and play it. Use Resonance on both, and retrieve more dices with Orrickā€™s Bounty and the active from the Expand. You have used up 3 dices and have the Summons at 2 focus. Pay 4 for the first Rhino, activating Magic Purity. Now you have exactly 4 for another Rhino.

From now on, on every turn you activate both Summons, the Expand Energy, the Magic Purity and the Bounty, leaving you with 6 open dices in your choice of colors to play anything you draw. Aim the other Open Memories for the Exhortation-Adrenaline Rush combo for 30 damage.


  • Rhinos are one of the toughest cards to get viable in ashes. This is a really really strong way of doing it, if i may suggest a few tweaks though?
    Maybe hypnotise because your opponent can still chump block rhinos, and with the new time cards there is a spell made almost specifically for iron rhinos where it can make a copy of any conjuration that doesn't have a printed ability.

  • I opted for Turtle Guard instead oh Hypnotise. The rhinos could not deal direct damage, but they will kill something and wont be getting killed easily. The win should come from board presence alone.
    The other thing is about the time card. Putting another color in, I dont know how I could do it, the deck is already 4 colors. Maybe Illusion is the weak end of the spectrum (you can remove it and the first turn combo is still doable), but you would be losing some progress with dice amount for the next turns (something like hidden power doesnt cut it because you get the extra dices then but it is an action, is not sustainable).
    There is a lot of room for tweaking, of course, and time would be a nice addition if I figure out somehow. Thank you for the feedback!

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