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YOLO Hydra

Dimona Odinstar

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 17
  • Spellboard 5

Cards 30 / 30

Allies (6)

Alteration Spells (1)

Action Spells (7)

Reaction Spells (1)


FF are Summon Shining Hydra, Poison, Abundance, Angelic Rescue and Gates Thrown Open.

First of all, summon the Hydra, then place a Poison on it. Abundance and Gates are 2 more main actions, as most of the cards on the deck that you draw from Abundance. For each 1 damage you put into the Hydra, it will grow stronger. Protect the Hydra with divine dices and Angelic Rescue, and draw with the rest of the dices with Hand Tricks, but save 2 for Dimona's Order. Then, attack twice for (hopefully) 10 each. You should win then and there. Or lose, as the deck does not have more hydras in order to memes. Its a 50/50.

Remember: Use Raptor Herder for 2-3 main actions (play the card, attack with the herder, attack with the raptor). Use Fire Archer targeting your own Hydra, and then use it to attack.


  • You might be interested in this iteration of Poison Hydra Dimona I published a while back:

    Many close similarities, of course. I like your use of Butterflies; it's very close between them and Admonishers. Targeting the Hydra for both ends of Drain Vitality is funny, although I just used Small Sacrifice.

    The one thing I think you're really lacking is Law of Assurance, as it's too easy for illusion decks to prevent the use of Order at the tail end of the round if you don't have this.

  • I like your Admonisher idea, I just thought I can get the monks to attack and consume a main action, or use them to guard if the opponent is trying to kill the hydra by attacking (as it would be at 3 hp at all times, unless you use Drain Vitality).
    Law of assurance is a very good idea, but I dont know where to put it. Maybe Drain Vitality and Small Sacrifice are very similar, and 1 could go.

    Thank you for the feedback!

  • A alteration of this 'buffing one unit into oblivion for an alpha strike' can be done with Living Doll, Massive Growth and Reclaim Soul.
    That combo is not exactly better but if you like this one you should like it.
    With living doll there are also a lot of 'lucky accidents' that can happen depending on your other 2 First Five Cards. But mainly the fact they do not want to attack into it creates intresting situations.

    You can chose to go with Odette for Sword of Virtue which transports the doll into round 2, which otherwise does not always happen. It is also a rare use case of odettes ability text.
    You can try to filter you deck for more Combo Cards / Molten Gold etc.
    you can just naturally transition into a 'normal' deck - often one with hypnosis.
    The Colors here work a little better than [[Divine]]/[[Natural]] because you can get the doll back with your dice power while Hydras die permanently.

    If you need main actions for Poision in the Hydra deck, Prepare is also a good way of getting them.

  • I'd argue the LD/MG/RS combo is actually quite a lot worse. The core of that combo requires 3 cards instead of 2 and costs 7 dice instead of 6, both of which restrict what you can do to prevent counterplay in the opening round. It also only does 4 damage to the PB, while a Dimona-aided double swing with the Hydra can easily do 16 and can get up to 20 if everything comes out perfectly.

    I agree Prepare is a nice spell for extra actions; I included 1 copy in my version of the deck.

    RE: Law of Assurance, you really only need one copy, since the Poison Hydra is rarely getting to round 2 and illusion pressure is less of an issue even if it does. As for what to take out, I agree that Drain Vitality is probably one you can drop.

  • both of which restrict what you can do to prevent counterplay in the opening round

    not true, some of the increased cost is just already invested in counterplay. For example Massive growth has Magic Guard, while Poision does not and Dispel is being played. That is up front payment - which is bad - but it is counterplay.
    I also mentioned that the Living doll approach is not better. I do not think it really matters though. Both decks are a little gimmicky.

    The thing about poisioning your own units is that timing can become difficult. It says something if Deep Freeze suddenly does something against your deck.

    There are actually a few decks that can produces blockers that can block a big Hydra

    Lastly i think you can't pay the second part of Angelic Rescue with dice on Gates Thrown Open as the costs of a card have now been explicitly defined (in what they can be and where they are located on a card) and the Card does not use the phrase 'as an additional cost' which it needs to do to make it a cost (See FAQ : Costs).
    So that could make things difficult too timing wise.

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