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Odette Protector of Demons

Odette Diamondcrest

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 17
  • Spellboard 4

Cards 30 / 30

Alteration Spells (6)

Action Spells (6)

Reaction Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (8)


  • why do you have a 5/5 split? only three of your cards require [[ceremonial]], and you never need more than two of them for a single card. just looking at it, i think it is more of a 3/7 split personally.

    also, it is always worth making the space for hidden power! hell, sometimes i will splash [[illusion]] just for HP and the die power XD

    i really like the idea of using retribution to protect your illusion units!

  • It is a 4/6 split and not a 5/5. But maybe you are right and 7/3 would be better. This is my first deckbuilding attempt and it was more of a fun deck. I'm relatively new to ashes but like it a lot and played a couple of games with two friends.
    Hidden power seems like a strong choice but the deck isn't very refined so I think there could be more changes that could make the deck stronger.

    Thanks for the feedback and ideas and changes are always welcome.

  • So Bring Forth is not exactly a must have, but assmuning you have these cards in your deck, you probably do not want to go down to 3 ceremonial.

    The rule of thumb is that you want 1 more die in every color than you are expected to play every round. So if you had 3 Small Sacrifice and planed to use all 3 of them, you would want at least 4 [[ceremonial]].
    The Reason for this is mostly that you can not be denied a color as easily by [[illusion:power]]. Secondly it just turns out that the math for expected values with 10 dice also suggests this choice.

    Those are the Rules for Ready Spells. For other Spells and Allys you should have 1 die per 3 class symbol on cards in that color.
    Those are very rough rules, but they are close to what doing the actual math would suggest a lot of the time.

    In your case you would at least want 3 [[ceremonial:class]].
    But you have 12 [[ceremonial:class]] across non ready spells in your deck, which suggests 4 [[ceremonial:class]].

    But using Hidden Power/Shifting Mist would allow you to be less strict with colors.

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