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Brennan's Battle Within

Brennen Blackcloud

  • Battlefield 5
  • Life 20
  • Spellboard 3

Cards 30 / 30

Ready Spells (6)

Conjuration Deck (6)


Chant of Revenge
Memory Theft
Summon Sleeping Widows
Living Doll**

  • * This deck focuses on burning your own units to trigger Chant of Revenge while synergizing with Brennan's skill. Throw out Chant of Revenge, Anchornaut, and Living Doll (to keep the opponent wary of attacking you), then use Brennan's ability to destroy the Anchornaut, trigger CoR, and also Summon Sleeping Widows. Rinse and repeat while milling your opponent with Purge + Memory Theft, destroying your units to trigger reactions/damage opponent, and buffing your Living Dolls with Snake dice if you roll them to maximize damage. Stick with low attack allies (like Doll and Anchornaut) for easy revives with the Ceremonial dice and keep a constant presence on your battlefield (your focus will never be on combat, only burn/mill/misdirection). Watch your opponent as they warily eye your spellboard and groan when you fling out Final Cries triggered when you destroy your own units. And if they get damage through to Brennan, Sympathy Pain the heck out of them!


  • I love the style you used to describe this deck. I also think it is interesting idea. Have you tested it out in game or is it just concept? I`m asking, beacouse i`m concerned about deck being split out in two directions which doesn`t synergize ( i mean burn and mill). Wouldn`t it be better to focus just on mill or just on burn?

  • Hi lidjan1!

    Thanks for your comments. I've had great success with this deck and style of play, which can also be adapted to a more offensive board-clogging deck with Jessa or a more mill-focused deck with Leo. Those three PB are my favorite to work with and I enjoy mill/burn, especially when I can make them work together. I'm not as good with direct board/attack builds, haha.

  • Allright. If you say it works i will try it myself :) Good luck in your games.

  • First, let me say, this is a good deck. However it does have one flaw. It can beaten by a deck of similar type. And it can be crippled with choke. Now, most decks aren't ability lockdown/mill decks :) , but I would encourage this deck to be wary of them, as it majorly depends on your opponent attacking you and is mostly helpless if it can't use brennen either (due to choke). But, as I said before, most decks do not use the lockdown/mill strategy I described :)

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